With Pin-up Style, World Day of Rock is Honored

The month of July is marked by low winter temperatures and the traditional “julinas parties”. But it is also at this time that celebrates the world day of Rock, date chosen to be honored in 2016 Calendar of Retro Universe. Celebrated on Wednesday, day 13, the date came after the event of Live Aid, a mega event with simultaneous shows between the cities of London and Philadelphia, transmitted live on BBC for several countries.

The event, which took place in the year 1985 and met several artists of the genre such as Queen, David Bowie, Elton John, among others, had focused on using the music in the fight to end hunger in Ethiopia. By having many famous artists involved, the event ended up calling a lot of attention to the cause. The expression “world day of Rock” was mentioned by Phil Collins, musician of the band Genesis, I wish that day could be considered as such. Despite the world’s name, the date is celebrated only in Brazil, when broadcasters of radio segment began to cite the date on programming that was well accepted by listeners.

With Pin-up Style, World Day of Rock is Honored 1

To represent the date that pays homage to the genre that is very tied to lovers of vintage culture, Mari Kato, professional makeup artist and which carries within it the Pin-up style, especially when the subject is old school, besides being a in love with rock ‘n’ roll, was chosen to be our “Rock Star” in the calendar of Pin-Ups of 2016 Retro Universe made to support the Home of mother me in partnership with Be a Bombshell and Sundae Inc.

In your wardrobe, Mari wears a dress printed with cherries, leather jacket, jump shoe bicolor, neckerchief and a typical victory rolls hairstyle for pin-up style. The differential is also in diversity, which merges the style Rockabilly Girl, with the oriental origin of our Pin-Up, proving that style goes far beyond American borders. Held at CLA 66, your photos were two environments: the first consisting of a jukebox, musical instrument typical of years 50, and a snack bar that remente the old diners, place too much attending the youth of that era.

Below is the interview more full test and fall in love for our July Pin-Up, Mari Kato:

Retro universe: what is your relationship with the culture and the universe of vintage pin-ups?

Mari Kato: My relationship is very love (laughs). From decoration, music, accessories, clothing … I always get inspired in the vintage, and I love the pin-ups, have some tattooed body 5.

Retro universe: With which “pin-up style” you most identify? How it is applied in your everyday life?

Mari Kato: I think my favorite is the most modern style. It’s inspiration in vintage, but don’t be literal, mixing modern classic, I think beautiful. How to wear a skirt of 50 years with a more “podrinha”, and of course, lots of tattoo.

With Pin-up Style, World Day of Rock is Honored 2

Retro universe: you are descended from Japanese. Believes that this style is common among Orientals?

Mari Kato: Look … I think there’s always a Japanese in each style. (laughs) and are always super fitted and stylish, it has since “jap bossa nova” later psychobilly.

Retro universe: you work as a makeup artist, what was it like on the other side this time?

Mari Kato: It was a little weird, but also very yummy … I was finding myself with all that production and be makeup and hair. Loved it!

Retro universe: as a makeup artist and someone who lives that style daily. What beauty tips you give to who wants to go with this look?

Mari Kato: Main tip is to cultivate a great skin, both in daily care, like makeup, because if you look at the pictures of our divas of the past, the porcelain skin was always present: eyelashes, eyeliner kitten or a esfumadinho with a darker color in the concave, blush just to give you a flushed, illuminator (part of the modern twist), and of course , lipsticks in shades of red (I prefer the mattes) from the more open until the pulling to the wine. This make is basic and let all beautiful and vintage air. Invest in hairstyles too, because the Pin-ups rule in your hair!

Retro universe: How was to be chosen to represent the day of the Rock Universe Retro calendar?

Mari Kato: I loved it, especially because the reference is simply one of my favorite characters, Wanda the Cry Baby! And July is the month of my birthday, so more amazing still!

Retro universe: How do you view the vintage scene today?

With Pin-up Style, World Day of Rock is Honored 3

Mari Kato: The vintage scene grows increasingly. The culture of buy in thrift store, to have cars and motorcycles, collecting discs etc … I think it’s wonderful, because it’s a market that grows, and people like us who live in this world, you can live it, before everything was much more difficult.

Retro universe: what’s important to keep the retro culture alive?

Mari Kato: The important thing is to have people that believe what you like, as you, and invest what they believe!

Universe Retro-you prefer acting behind the scenes as a makeup artist or in front of them as model? You see the second option as job or hobby?

Mari Kato: As much as I have loved, my passion is hair and make, in addition to being my job for almost a decade. The history of modeling is a lot of fun, but I’m completely amateur, I can’t even dream of saying that I’m a model.

Retro universe: you are in direct contact with the sets. As you see this style in the middle.

Mari Kato: I really believe that this area is growing, we see retro inspirations in new appliances, in current collections, clothes to oldshool tattoos in clothes to department stores! Then, in the Middle the retro shopping already part, bit by bit we don’t look as weird as well in the eyes of society.