#Wishlist: the Christmas Wish List- to Myself!

Yes we know, there will be people who know in September and at the same time to the Christmas chocolate season-opening at the grocery store of confidence, what they all will want to the Festival of the festivals. I belong to the chagrin of my family not to do so and let actually prefer surprise me. Slowly however, desperation breaks out and I decided that La Maman this year just to – me nothing now, nothing except for a weekend in Berlin together with the flight, proper food and quality time. Gebongt, Mommy?

One I can not wish me somehow to Christmas: things that I could even just buy me or such that you can not justify price. There is enough known and therefore the this year’s Christmas wish list is just myself. Along with little things to implement and great to dream further. The money donkey had so far is also still not look. What does it say this year so you?

#Wishlist the Christmas Wish List- to Myself! 1

1 poster: obviously, I have a weakness for letters. I just get enough of it. This specimen has done on especially me. Found at Voo – 35 euros.

2 sweater: actually I have not much left for the newcomer label MSGM – at these lipsticks on the sweater in collaboration with the style magazine I bowed however. And I can even justify it. Impulse buying is however thwarted thanks to the 290 euros, I would have to shell out for it. Grrr.

3 rings: note I here – rings. PFF. These are three Cartier hopeless, which I already long behind languish. Me is it also no matter what model eventually finds its way to me. Main thing any one. This however may be a pretty long. Price on request or in your Cartier jewelry store of your trust.

  1. Perfume:Yes, if this just about nothing for cost reasons, I keep me just the perfume that accompanies me since my 16 years of age:Yves Saint Laurent – Cinéma. Although not a bargain, but for me worth every penny.

#Wishlist the Christmas Wish List- to Myself! 2

5 Pocket: Louis Vuitton, thank you that you have infected me at the last press days. Actually, I thought I would be, when it comes to bags embossed with the LV. However, I was proved wrong. Louis Vuitton Noe bag -there are, after all, with Vestaire Collective second hand and tested. In all possible colours and States (and still pig expensive!).

6 book: the Monocle Guide to better living -I have to say more? Will try and hopefully implemented. There is currently no longer at Voo – however at Amazon!

7 toaster: Yes, read correctly: I’d like a new toaster. While there is one in my household, which is although virtually, for it but also quite ugly. I just waiting for that he breaks down. The new would be namely also quite costly .

8 illuminated letters: OK, OK. I have no weakness for characters, I have a problem. But deinabc now could help. A blog with shop function – and very many letters!

#Wishlist the Christmas Wish List- to Myself! 3

Well, dreams will be probably still allowed. Or?