Why, I’m Just Like Boring and Rather Fashion Tired.

Last night I sat around still a bit sleepless in my bed while I lazily clicked through the Internet. At some point I finally landed on our site and was reminded of the following sentence: “If you know of this is Jane Wayne Nike, you know that it will coat technically never a dull moment with her.” I see so there are me, Maggie, with Bindi on the forehead and wonder where I stayed really, or rather: this person there in the images. Now just because I’m nothing more than that: Mega boring.

At the first moment, the reason for the momentary change seemed pretty: I am now 25 years old, try to be reasonable and also a bit quieter. Less party, more sleep, smoke less, more races. But that is of course nonsense. 25 years, that’s no age. Adult, you are finally long enough.

No, friends. II’m just crass oversaturated and the term “It-Piece” does my ears about how vocal House – what hurt so totally not diminish my love for fashion, just I feel currently in fact extremely little joy when dressing in daring combinations. Rather, I see the spectacle from a healthy distance, at least for now. It’s like I should breath a moment, get your head freely and relax. And several reasons that you might also know:

Why, I'm Just Like Boring and Rather Fashion Tired. 1

1 all there have been. Indecisive and erratic as I was and still am, I chewed through in early years in about any youth culture that seemed interesting, and celebrated. Plus biodegradable tunics in green on body-Gothic-black, until for a straighter style riot grrrl – at that time was going the mods, a little punk rock and much as Pubertist I know and right of dreadlocks. A life of extremes. Then came the study and suddenly were just lace up and everything, but of course, bought “Vintage”. Granny dresses, jaunty patchwork jackets, and so on – what were so worn, spent his nights in indie cellars and it drank very much old beer. Each of my attempts to peel me in a cute dress with Bubi collar, perform a unique Brocade jacket, or wear anything “interesting”, I feel currently still not even back catapulted in these times of firecreek, but unfortunately just like a stupid rip-off of my younger self. That’s no fun if you constantly think “at the time that looked better, real, John.” If I now so, for example, want to look like HeGe from ‘Girls’, I know that I could even, that this was my trademark. But at the same time I wonder how real a flowers Palazzo pants still on me can be and if not ridiculously dressed up look out. Too many things, you’ll find beautiful, to little decisiveness. Is this a problem or healthy openness, of which everyone is talking now?

  1. fashion girls drive me sometimes crazy. Keyword: Monki store opening. Such events are the manners left like on the pavement opposite, several eyes roll, faces move to the beat at your own pace, because they scan you from top to bottom. Quite apart from that you’re wondering how far you’ll get it with your own style what they look like, or whether they merely slow to look especially individually break due to great pressure and must have lost whether these girls are really that delusional long even whole styling. Even worse: If you find that you look exactly the same and roll your eyes already by itself.

3rd competition. You want blinders and total isolation. Because it doesn’t matter who already has the newest Nike sneaker, you just want basically, what you consider yourself as wonderful is. However the whole thing is exhausting if your environment begins to see it differently. The latest Lookbook of Wood Wood is just finsihed as someone to dinner girl calls. And then: “so this flower jacket and the Leo thing, Oh and this belly-free top, I purchase the me anyway!”. Or ‘ I’ve seen that have lately, look, I’ve posted even on Facebook! “. AHA, I’m glad you think. And you are secretly wondering whether this someone just just quickly wanted to make it clear that they have just mentioned already for someone else are reserved. “Finger away” so? And at some point you find yourself in this continuous loop, suddenly say things like “by the way, I fell in love this a shoes” and are hoping that now no one proposes to friends. That is sucks, but really, annoying for everyone else and makes you not just sympathetic. It is much more exciting but either way, just buy the others and instead continue to search. For something that is really not every 5th, something that you proud and happy makes, although is no one else eaten afterwards.

Why, I'm Just Like Boring and Rather Fashion Tired. 2

4 the own arrogance. To catch themselves as “Aha, that there have strapped so finally once, that Dr. Martens are beautiful”, or “friends back an ice on it, I three years ago looked like you”, is a huge sign of oversaturation of fashion, when you stay for a fairly good and tolerant people, but actually things to think about terrible first and second. Such failures are then almost regarded as mini disease, which is to fight it. Quite frankly, something thought sure almost all of us. What is however often, we should work to us and think about how important this whole nonsense is indeed. And whether we should enjoy not prefer it, that someone is taking that Nice, what we found it also times beautiful and perhaps still today secretly celebrate.

5 there is no matter how much is there trouble, there is always someone who looks better. Anyway, that’s what we think. One reason is that we strive too much for the, what others have, than to listen to that, what we ourselves want to maybe. It well, inspiration to pick up, but phrases like “I would look like as Brigitte Bardot in this and that movie” – that can just after backfire. You’re not Brigitte Bardot. Me neither. It is therefore much smarter to look like yourself.

6 we all look the same. Anyway, it’s here pretty often so me in Berlin. If I can find that bad? No. It aims finally just what I like. Still there are four girlfriends to meet quite better situations than on an ordinary Saturday in Gorlitz Park, wearing all sneakers, jeans, silk top and jacket, just like you. Then sometimes I wonder how influenced we really are and what we would wear, not ultramegasuperhip it. And if I Roshe run would find exactly that great speckled Nike, he was not a such Tumblr star.

Why, I'm Just Like Boring and Rather Fashion Tired. 3

7 shopping addiction. Those who believe that he was not addicted to consumption, in which what is going wrong in the head. We consume the whole day long. It is dangerous for example if, after each purchase, the bad conscience in the pit of your stomach ziept. Should that have been now really? No. Should I not save? Yes. The fucking is that we no longer “new” believe things that we purchase, often after only a month and thus quite quickly as uneventful. All the time we want more and suddenly shopping means more, but stress no fun.

8 the flood of possibilities. It’s great that we can decide how we look, every day. But also annoying. Same reason I avoid, for example, real and co and get dinner me prefer smaller shops to’s corner. Fewer choices, sometimes good. Now it is but nunmal so that there are a hundred thousand styles and endless fashion possibilities. As the limit of a single shop does not help just also. Therefore, I admire anyone who has long found its own style. Who knows what he wants and what he is. I am still looking and me slowly dawns that exactly here lies the problem. The search must have an end. Instead: bustle can be, listen to the gut, be casual. Then comes the fun at some point by left alone and find yourself perhaps even faster than you can buy new shoes.