Wholesale Vintage Items

What is Vintage?

One who will read this article, let him know that we are not experts on vintage just love it. So much we love that we put heart and soul, but not sure of the facts.

When we started writing this article, of course we have done some reading, “poguglihme” and finally became clear that any definite conclusion yet leave here!


For centuries, people have been finding old things interesting, intoxicating carrying the scent of the past.

Wholesale Vintage Items

Who first decided that something that was fashionable 50 years ago, can again come back and still be current, we never realized, but this practice is repeated today. No matter whether you are on the replica or genuine vintage article calmly rejoice nothing to him tremble like an antique.

The term vintage is connected with the production of wine, which was used to mark a particular crop or year. Later the word entered in everyday language and began to be used to describe what year was made an object.

In more recent times, it is important, which is tinted with nostalgia and collectibles passion and means not only old or second-hand objects and specimens that belong to a particular era or period, such as 30s, 40s and 50s of last century.

How to Recognize What is Vintage?

There is no consensus as to which is vintage, retro or antique, but someone has created a rule which others have adopted in order not to become the world’s confusion and it is: vintage are objects more than 50 years but less than 100. If the piece that you hold in your hands is 150 years or more, do not miss, it’s an antique. The dress of your mother, 20 years ago, is retro. If something is old and you hearted grab it. Then think of 20, 50 or 150 years.

Wholesale Vintage Items 1

Vintage Fashion is Back in Vogue?

Discovering old things and wear them or use for decoration, has great adventure. I have to come inside to feel what time you want to be different and especially to feel the pleasure of “harvest” that you found.

But if you still want, but you can not find vintage treasures today many modern designers offer this style of marketing: Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Mcqueen, Valentino. These names mention them only so a grand article.

If it still is not clear what this speech will translate a few examples and the pattern in which humanity groans to this day, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, Sophia Loren, Jackie Kennedy.

If you very much want to be like them, look around for wide dresses with high waist, suspenders, corsets, lace gloves, pearls, feathers, socks edge, veils, flowers. You know, not much can go wrong.

Vintage Wholesale Jewelry

Vintage jewelry has nothing to do with plastic and glass disco – jewelry. As vintage jewelry on sale, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are handmade with stones, gold and silver. Pearls, ah pearls are almost as famous for this style.

Wholesale Vintage Items 2

Vintage jewelry carry romances, the scent of lavender and roses, glitter stones and pearls and entice the senses with the rustle of wind ruffled lace.

Well it is! We leave you short minute sighs, because we go to …

Wholesale Furniture in Vintage Style

To avoid trouble and confusion straight enumerating what they are: a dresser with multiple drawers, large table, buffet with porcelain. Antique iron, silver samovar, funiest turntable, rotary phone or foot sewing machine. For this style is characterized by a combination of different natural materials like wrought iron, wood, ceramics, brass and linen. Colors should be simple and natural, never garish bright.

And as they say, where no music?


In search of a unique feeling of happiness and freedom, this period of history is characterized by the euphoria of the war, when the still uniformed men and women enjoy life to the rhythm of popular then swing. Swing or rock and roll, choose for yourself!

After we strolled forward – backward, it’s time to wrap and will do it with the slogan, which we expect to impress you exclusively.

Fans of vintage culture know that it is better to have something old and beautiful than the new and false!

Wholesale Vintage Items 3

Why We Wrote this Article?

Because, dear friends, in Bazarino have a separate section for Vintage products and many want there to form a pazarche of such items.

If you starinki which willingly would split will be happy to see them at Vintage things in Bazarino.

Why fight the way to bitatsi and markets when here we provide a cozy place for it?

Or, if you produce things with an old rig, where they belong, in the Vintage category.

Well, we’ll wait and my wish not to become vintage until this happens.