What Vintage Clothes

What vintage clothes to choose?

Most of the time, we find the following flagship clothes:

– Leather parts. It’s crazy to see how the leather was successful: not a single shop without its dozens of skirts, jackets and shorts, leather, all colors and all sizes. The leathers are often very good.
– The jean. Ah, the jean, we never tire of not, and it falls well because the denim is the star of the vintage material: jeans, overalls, jackets, skirts, dresses…

– Parka jackets.

What Vintage Clothes

These are the vintage jackets made of down, often cut very wide, which are available in MensJacketsStore. It’s everywhere, and prices vary a lot according to the thrift stores.
– Its prints. In a lot of thrift stores, the clothes are arranged by style and print. There is the polka dots, flowers in shambles, Hawaiians, the designs of the 1990s patterns. Choose your camp!

Here for the classics, then found the shops a selection of varied clothing. In my view, it is this selection that makes the quality (or not) of an address. I like search, but if has a good basis.

What Vintage Clothes 1

Good addresses vintage

In Paris, the fripe historic district is located rue Etienne Marcel, but there are other interesting addresses in the swamp or Republic, among others.

Vintage World

This store is very nice, located in St-Denis Street, there is a little less world than in even closer thrift shops of Châtelet. The rays are wide, you can poke around quietly and there are bargains to be, parts (including robes) are 7 euros. A lot of things to the around 15 euros, and others more expensive. In short, the correct rates and beautiful pieces.

Vintage World
St Denis (I don’t have the exact number, it’s right next to the Delaveine, apparently here before there was a shop kilo) and there is another address steps from Châtelet.

What Vintage Clothes 2


The store is crowded, enough close radii, and a lot in height: we must cling. The selection is pretty sharp, lots of beautiful pieces at varied prices and who can quickly climb. On the other hand, good to know: the silk shirts are at 12 euros, against about 25 in of many other thrift stores.

16 rue Tiquetonne

Mad Vintage

Located at the bottom of St. Denis, Mad Vintage is one of the largest thrift stores in the area. It’s big, high ceilings, tidy, feels good. As in a lot of thrift stores, the clothes are sorted by style: pea shirts, printed liberty print, t-shirt… The selection is crazy! Nice selection of blouses in cotton with a beautiful embroideries (see photo above). Price in the classic range, most of the dresses are 25 euros, the tops to 15.

What Vintage Clothes 3

Mad Vintage
66 rue Saint-Denis (to other addresses in Paris)