What Does Vintage Mean

The process that involves harvesting and harvesting grapes called vintage. The concept also allows you to name the period in which they carried out these actions. For example: “The harvest this year was a success across the province thanks to the excellent weather conditions we had in recent months” , “The winery will develop its harvest in the coming weeks” , “Tomorrow begins a new edition of the Harvest festival “ .

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Usually, in the southern hemisphere harvesting takes place between the months of February and April, while in the northern hemisphere takes place between July and October. This may vary, however, according to many factors: the type of grape, the particularities of the climate, the degree of maturation of the fruit is desired, etc.

When trying to develop fortified wines, it appeals to the late harvest. In this case, the process takes longer than usual to begin to dehydrate the grapes on the vine.

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According to Pauldigo.com, like retro, vintage can be carried out mechanically or manually. The manual harvest is more costly and time consuming, but allows to obtain products of better quality as each cluster is chosen selectively.

Since ancient times, the harvest is usually a symbol of joy because it represents the culmination of the harvest. So in many regions they are organized events that allow celebrate the harvest.

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In the province Argentina of Mendoza, to cite one case, it takes place the National Harvest Festival, whose first edition took place in 1936.