What can you do about the annoying crack from visitors?

A crack for visitors is created when you equip your double bed with two single mattresses. This creates a small space that you can feel whenever you lie in the middle of the bed. There are various ways of eliminating this crack and the uncomfortable feeling of lying down.

Continuous mattresses

The most obvious option is to put a full-length mattress in your double bed. This is easily possible if you and your partner are roughly the same body weight and prefer the same sleeping position. So you can choose the same degree of firmness and you will both sleep well on the same mattress. It becomes more difficult if you need mattresses of different degrees of firmness or even prefer different types of mattresses. In this case, some manufacturers offer the option of combining two mattress cores in one cover – the so-called partner cover. The transition between the cores can then no longer be felt. We would be happy to advise you on the corresponding combination options.

Continuous mattress toppers

The advantage of having two single mattresses in a double bed is obvious: everyone can choose their own individual mattress with the right degree of firmness. In addition, turning and turning is much easier with a single mattress than with a bulky one in the width of a double bed. A good way to get rid of the crack from visitors are continuous mattress pads. You will e.g. B. made of molton, Kalmuck or terry cloth and also increase bed hygiene by improving the sleeping environment and protecting the mattress from soiling. It is attached using elastic straps on the side. At the same time, these pull the two single mattresses together in the middle and you get a continuous lying area without noticeable cracks for visitors.


A topper is a particularly convenient way to have a continuous bed surface in the double bed. The padded mattress pad is mainly placed on box spring beds, but can also be combined with normal mattresses and optimizes the comfort of the mattress. With a padding height of 4-9cm, the visitor crack is no longer noticeable with a topper. Depending on which sleeping position you prefer and whether you have a restful or restless sleep, different topper core materials are suitable. We would be happy to advise you and make you a suitable offer. If required, for example, topper cores made of visco and cold foam can be combined in one cover. You will then still receive a continuous lying surface with individually adapted lying comfort.

This is how you get rid of the crevice

There are various options for creating a continuous lying area in the bed. But which one is best for you?

The right spring base for a consistent feeling of lying down

So that not only the noticeable crack disappears, but also a pleasantly soft, sprung lying position is possible in the middle, you should ensure that your mattresses have the right spring base. Continuous slatted frames the width of a double bed are not technically possible because the very long slats would bend too much. If two slatted frames are placed halfway across a double bed, the mattresses will lie in the middle of the hard frame strips, unless you opt for slatted frames with a frameless spring base. Here, the sprung slats extend over the slatted frame and thus offer a continuous spring effect over the full width of the bed.

What can you do about the annoying crack from visitors