Week in Reviews

At Jane Wayne’s was a little quieter – the reason this week: the German press days were and we were quite nicely from agency to Agency, to examine favored catwalk collections times at close range with loved ones once again to keep a chat and to pursue new projects. Next week, follow a few reports from our favorite pieces and also a new section is your place with us.

Speaking of Rubric: cold time- Lovely Lovely time – who would you look like in our favourite rubric?

And don’t forget: today was ‘ turned back the clock! To happen to the missed last week:

1st event: what happened there at weekday . Exactly a week ago called the Swedish fashion house to the large vintage sale in the shop on Friedrichstrabe. Good idea, implementation also expired and catastrophic process. Conclusion after an opening 30 minutes: A few injured, many howling, broken inventory, hundreds of stolen pieces and the demolition of the openings. The full extent of there here.

Week in Reviews 1

2 music: Florence Florence Florence! Since 28 October “ceremonials” is on the market and with us, the latest work by Florence and the machine in continuous loop runs. Once live we all heard, already raising flags.

3rd book: was it a small online interview magazine for Germany, now may be prosecuted it internationally and soon we look forward also to a Printwerk: two years there are the friends of friends now and at the moment they seem to especially himself – and us of course: with her book. Way to pre-order here .

4 label: what Karl Lagerfeld created simply to gold – at least, when we look at his projects from the past. From January, the fashion designer wants to deny new ways and opts for his women’s collection “Karl”. We are looking forward to the pieces, mainly because they should be in the middle price segment.

5 trend: slowly but surely it happened to us: to us, it should sparkle. We were until recently still the biggest opponents of Vileda active scrub and co, we currently don’t get enough of it. Nike toying with a skirt from Zara – whether the bag is to wander into the?

Week in Reviews 2

6 Magazine: Miss No 4 are there for this week! And who was already completely entranced by the new Miss at the last edition, the mind really the latest edition. Even better, more beautiful and more… Our Declaration of love and look in the folder there is here!

7th man: na, who would have recognized him? Zombie boy without his most famous trademark: the zombie tattoos. For a cosmetics company from head settled he now to toe with camouflage from powder – the result is madness really. Super idea and cool implementation. But see for yourself.

8 film and fashion: why it’s done actually so rare? This week we asked ourselves. H & M launches on the occasion of the new film adaptation of Stieg of Larsson’s “Blindness” (Director: David Fincher) a collection, in collaboration with the costume designer of the film, Trish Summerville. The result: The H & M dragon tattoo collection. Super promo and quite beautiful basic collection!

Week in Reviews 3

9 inspiration: more and more often we see 40s looks in magazines. Most recently, the Swedish Elle enchanted us, styled the Frida Gustavsson from head to toe in the fashion of the post-war period. We stick with it: we find it enchanting.