Week in Review

Christmas chocolate in a supermarket, flying leaves, grey clouds, wintertime jacket and rain boots. Yes, the year is coming to the end. Of course, we don’t go over the next 2 1/2 months until the end of the year, are bogged down with the head but somehow completely in the depths of winter. Hot cocoa, ice skating, girls nights at home – our weekends are currently quite muckelig – and we love it.

Bring the apartment on front man, dig out the easel or tinker garlands. Cozy in the fall of 2012. And so we see yet again that each season is celebrating their golden times and we we must prepare only enough to, instead of always mourn the behind to what you just just don’t have. Et voila: welcome, love time to think, contemplate, dreams and flashbacks. And happy Sunday with our week in fast forward:

Week in Review 1

1 collaboration: although it’s result with the dazzling this week H & M Anna dello Russo we come to stores, but rather focus on the upcoming spectacle: the collabo with Maison Martin Margiela and proffer that you first behind-the-scenes image.

2 people: Nike is in love – in a woman! More specifically in Lena Dunham. Wiesoweshalbwarum? That find her here.

3rd Paris fashion week: Kenzo is the label of the hour and with its S/S 2013 presentation will give us that remains so this summer once more clearly,. We have absolutely nothing against it and here is the justification for this!

Week in Review 2

4 music: LCMDF come from Finland and have turned us quite the head! We recommend: turn on and a half-naked Einkleidunugstanz after the almost spiritual after party shower lie down – at least once a day so.

  1. Janes: if such a holiday is placed in the middle of the week, it may be ever that we want are in the mood for Monday on a Thursday and not quite from the Quark. The result: Grumpy mood and favorite pieces to feel!

6 society: there to think “YEAH” that if a US blog harbors similar thoughts on the theme of ‘Girl Power’ and feminism and in the same moment is great “emergency!”, if all female models retouched a huge furniture store from Sweden in his catalogue for Saudi Arabia. Between girl power and a questionable IKEA catalog.

7 shopping: a new, loving Vintageparadies opened its doors a few weeks ago and we looked after of course directly. Restore the small shop is called and we can only warmly recommend you stopping by!

Week in Review 3

8 label: REI Kawakubo decided not only in the 80s an other, fashionable way to embark on, she still does it. Her label “comme of Garçon” is and remains the trendsetting label with the sense of avant-garde and breaks. What the latest string of japanischens brands trying to tell us? “I am the queen. You can’t do anything against it.” – Or what your interpretation?