Week in Review

As a child, often hateful, unbelievably today loved and insanely appreciated: Sundays. What have we bored us at that time as teenagers, when not even the Iceman found its way into our village and was allowed to play the neighbor child because the family day was celebrated fully. Today at least the two of us forward to late pieces in the short or long walks, to slow down and crime meeting, to jointly to puzzle out, who could be the killer. Either tired and exhausted by the cat or the exhausting week – in particular but simply relaxed and balanced. Sundays must be so.

And because we are now a little bit afraid that tomorrow again is Monday, let’s just fix back in the Jane Wayne Wonderland of this week and wish you a very relaxing evening.

Week in Review 1 (3)

1 mode: two labels have painted this week again very fresh on our screen: the new label of Bruno Pieters “honest by.” and the 2005 fire “edun” by U2 singer Bono and his friend Ali Hewson. Special: Both labels watch very meticulously correct production conditions, allow transparency and would moreover coat us with beautiful creations . A great load of responsibility is spreading well. We that can only support and put you both OK on the heart – especially Mr Pieters has cast great!

2 music: what better way to our little homage to the Sunday? Is the big deal with “Talk” – while listening to us right back in bed tilt or sink in thick cloud pillow and ranting here with your best friend about the injustice of the world. If the not even Sunday-like sounds?

Week in Review 2 (3)

  1. collaboration: long and the Marni collection for H & M rushes selected stores. And a bit further to stimulate the Werbetrommelchen was ‘ now the talented Sofia Coppola for the associated commercial engaged. Good work, my dear. To Brian Ferrys “Avelon” great moods and a collection of printstarke present themselves. The anticipation rises!

4 store: Friday night it was – Wood Wood has been in Berlin for small beauty corrections again welcoming it and brings even more gain: Wood Wood annex, a small footwear, bags and accessory paradise, that seduced already for sale. We tell you what moves exactly in the bag definitely next week. We can say so in good conscience: go. The Rochstraße is ready in mid. PS: we’ve packed as well with the latest Lookbook for the winter you in the news – here!

5 shoes: Alexa Chung advertises for the umpteenth time for Superga shoes and has wrapped us directly around the finger. A couple will be there for the summer already. Only the nagging question: what color we decide?

Week in Review 3 (3)

6 Lookbook: who is known for his beautiful lookbooks? -Quite clearly: Band of Outsiders. In the Polaroid Format hops this time actress Michelle Williams in vintage style dress over the images and climbs a neat place it on our popularity scale upwards. Top!

7 life: exist is not so simple. We can laugh now about our problems in childhood, our today’s packet eat sometimes us against it. Must, say Yes and smile: the thing with the social stress…