Week in Review

Is the most beautiful Sunday who can follow a free Monday, but truly or not? On Sunday still to know that one must crawl Monday not early in the morning in the Office, on the building, or in the store, but quite calmly backwards to put and enjoy the day to the fullest. There is nothing better when the weather is so great?

Ohja, we love nationwide holidays that we use time to close door also the Jane Wayne. And therefore it means: we tomorrow shut the shop!

We meet again in old freshness, so after Whitsun! And so long to talk with the highlights of the past week – our week in review!

Week in Review 1 (2)

1 music: “The XX” finally sign back – and that even with equal Five Untitled tracks! We greatly appreciate this sign of life the three London and keep you abreast of every small botch the troops of course!

2nd promotion: the fashion week Berlin so slowly knocks on the door and the young design competitions also are looking forward to their final draw. “Start your fashion business” is probably one of the most important prizes, because the young creator WINS not only around 25,000 euros, but is also quite particularly carefully taken towards his business at hand!

3rd designer collaboration: a Berlin design duo that has really succeeded in this Modebiz is kaviar Gauche. Although the two makers wanted to focus really on Bridal dresses, but they could not deny seemingly offer: because if our site knocks on the door and proposes a capsule collection, it means one thing above all: attention, that needs a small label quite steadily. But how to find the meeting actually?

Week in Review 2 (2)

4th art: John Baldessari is certainly one of the most exciting surrealists of the digital age and pop was known already in the 60s by its kind arts with an unparalleled handwriting. The short documentary “A brief history of John Baldessari” introduces you, once more, in the man and the nearly six-minute feast, we find quite recommended and quite good. Have fun!

5 jewellery: always on the lookout for latest jewelry findings, we are this week “I NEED MORE ring” launched. Not only the name fits like the fist on it eye, also the fact that the Berlin-based label produces the rings from old Ruffs and the result very nice enthusiastic, makes our heart beat.

6 footwear: of one thing we can take this summer unfortunately no distance – from Platform sneakers. We are just helplessly addicted to them! How great that Ulk noodle and master of Henry Holland colours now with his label and the Italian shoe of summer must-have collaborated: Superga x House of Holland! Polka dots, pastel colors and especially high soles! May 31 is thick in the calendar gemarkt – then there are to buy them!

Week in Review 3 (2)