Wayne Cares: the Short News of the Week

… here so far no mention found, but still should be missed under any circumstances:

1 admirer of: the Chanel vintage Lookbook at nasty GAL

Once a Chanel vintage bag call his own. Oh, how great that would be. For the show or others could go down this dream with the money to travel now in compliance. Nasty GAL shot not only a complete Lookbook with vintage pieces of the traditional House, but sold the favorite pieces in the hotel’s own store. District MTV know more!

  1. see: trailer for nymphomaniac by Lars von Trier

End of February should the two-parter, the history of the nymphomaniac Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) narrated and furore provides already for months because of his announced pornographic content, in the German cinemas come. The who also likes to see the trailer, click to ArtSchoolVets.com – we be conflicted, as we shall find Lars von Trier’s latest movie at all.

  1. open: MCM opens own Pop-Up store in the home city of Munich!

Wayne Cares the Short News of the Week 1

MCM returns to his roots back at least temporarily. May end up the Pop-Up has opened a store in Munich and you may look like at any time. For example, once carefully scrutinized to take collaboration the latest Craig & Karl. Sarah Sanford attended the opening here and has very many pictures of the evening in petto.

MCM Studio – residence str. 7 – 80333 Munich < 3

4 Danes at its best: tree & horse garden for the summer 2014

Oh, those Danes always. Fashion talent seems to be simply placed them in the cradle. Tree & horse garden is already longer quite high up on the Favorites list, and that is likely to remain so for the time being. The reason: The Lookbook for the summer. Is it at this time when Style.de

  1. charity at Christmas time: the KreuzbergKalender enters the next round

Wayne Cares the Short News of the Week 2

The advent project Kreuzberg calendar consists of 100 advent calendars, 4 events and 24 virtual doors this year. On the hotel’s own site , a virtual door opens every day. There, announced the Kreuzberg calendar events and tells those stories that lie behind the products and events. It’s down to the FB page . Merrymerry < 3

  1. event Tip: magasin celebrates first Po-Up event in Hamburg

Stella’s love for the print is boundless: paper, photography, typography, design – all of this combines your favorite medium. For her final project has designed a shop concept together with corporate design – and now putting it in the action: with Magasin. For their first event “The Epic Issue” invites you all a, into the world of the food magazine to kidnap – other Pop-Up events follow. Here along for more info. Who dwells on the 13.12. in Hamburg, should look anyway. Good luck, dear Stella < 3

7 girls-power is back: the 12.01.2014 starts season 3

We don’t need to say much at this point: GIRLS come back – and we have a foretaste for you.

8 face of the week: Lady Gaga for Versace

Long has been rumored is the result now: Lady Gaga is the latest campaign model for Versace and looks like Donatella’s little sister. A bit plastic, but all there’s the first pictures at British Vogue in the style of Versace.

Wayne Cares the Short News of the Week 3

  1. Fashion show: Mulberry season is not present

In the British House of mulberry, there is still no successor for the Designchefin Emma Hill and therefore there will be no show also next season. You can find out more at WWD .

10 summer prospects: H & M collection for 2014 presents the SS

Overknees, transparency, hippiesker impact and details on mass – all in all a pretty romantic collection. H & M opened its showroom and showed his answer on the summer 2014. You can see the result at our site.