Wayne Cares: the Short News of the Week

… here so far no mention found, but still should be missed under any circumstances:

Book Tip: new faces of fashion

“new faces of fashion” presents young designers and their great collections. In addition to photographs wait Designer in an interview about their often difficult ways in the fashion world, their inspiration, their style as well as the must-haves and no-goes in every wardrobe. Who is interested in fashion and the creators behind it, you will like this book.

Espadrilles tired of seen this summer? Then a model might be useful: the shoes from PAEZ. Slip and go here is the motto and we have at least two good reasons why we now like to back up Espadrilles: pattern diversity seems to find no limits when PÁEZ and the Lookbook shows us the quite casual combination possibility of booties shot by Franziska Taffelt.

In Hamburg, it is already known, elsewhere it requires a little more talk: Musswessels – the easy-to-wear label by Kathrin Musswessels. Between vintage pieces is their very own interpretation of fashion in its hamburger shops and you should look at you that during your next visit to the Hanseatic City: Clemens-Schultz-Straße 29, Hamburg. Online there are selected pieces also – just here along.

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Common cause: 3.1 Philip Lim for target

Who is striking is in the States on September 15 has failed to, lucky – who has bad luck as we! The label 3.1 Philipp Lim namely exclusively designed for the American Department store chain target – and that does not exist in Germany. The complete results can be found at Huffington Post ..

Look at! Mademoiselles C – life of Carine Roitfeld

The termination of Vogue Paris seems extraordinarily well – done to her at least, when it comes to the media hype of Carine Roitfeld . Styling with Karl Lagerfeld, own fashion magazine there and now waiting for her exciting life in the moving image us: Mademoiselle C – life of Carine Roitfeld. In addition to private recordings wait of course numerous renowned colleagues that more accurately describe Carine Roitfeld and her work. Sounds exciting!

Heart project support: Pang! #5 the first time

2 months ago was uncertain, as it goes on. So we have our action with fluttering heartwww.startnext.de/paeng-magazin started and could hardly believe our luck when it became clear: our readers have Pang! #5 made possible! Now we have the huge honor to present you a late summer book that has it all. Filled with stories of people who will not be swayed to leave despite the awareness that everything go wrong
or it may not, and everything will be fine! Among others present: former prostitute who presented the Brazilian fashion industry on the head with her own collection. A young woman who triggered the first street art movement in India with a painted wall. A fighter who trod the path of King despite epilepsy.

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100 pages Päng! waiting for you. Support, buy, and read. Good find guaranteed!

Children: Charlotte Olympia launches kids collection

During infancy the brain consists of happy times, the eyes are pinched together and the only wording sounds like “Aww”. Yes, stupid thats of course – no question. And if adult brands stomp a kids collection from the ground, by now no stopping is more. Brands, who sometime come at the feet of small vans, converse, Nike and co include long and put up a Lieblingsschuh label: Charlotte Olympia. Her cats ballerina flats are so incredibly expensive that I me at least now could consider whether I’m to the more affordable model of children – for the case, of course. All images can be found her here .

The hot links of the week:

  • Tine by Inattendu shows us the latest Bolia.com catalog – Danish design par exemple. Pays attention to the promotions – so I’ve come quite cheap on my miniature copper lamp version.
  • It is always in the details! Miss Moss the socks we label Hansel presents from Basel – beautiful inspiration, great Lookbook images.
  • Hedi Slimane and his muses – his latest Saint Laurent pictures can be found at The Cut.

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