Vintage Style Dresses


For the majority of people they all look alike, but in reality, there are tons! Some easier to differentiate than others. Day dresses, dresses for morning, evening dresses, tours, walks, maternity, etc. The length skirts varied by age of the woman. Children, she covered the knees, growing up, the dress lengthened. It is from sixteen we only see the legs or ankles. At that time, they avoided bright colors that were mostly reserved for prostitutes. The fabrics used ranged from cotton, silk, linen, velvet and wool. Hairstyles, meanwhile, changed with the event and the age of the woman.

Vintage Style Dresses

Girls often wore a baby grand while married women, it was often a bun.

• The day dress: She was the most common attire of women, brought home and out like pregnancy gowns. Simple, she had no train and barely brushed the ground. The colors were simple; Pastel for girls (unmarried woman) and earth / dark for married women.The colors were not prohibited, it was only prevent them from being too showy.Obviously it was not recommended for women of advanced age (thirty years and more, the Victorians have no mercy) to get noticed with too conspicuous attire.Of course, the dress had to have long sleeves and covered from neck to ankles.

• The ball gown (or evening): Colourful and full of toppings of all kinds (ribbons, lace, frilly), they were worn for special events such as cocktail parties, to go out to the opera, varnishing, etc. . The majority of them were necklines, devoid of handle and, of course, they had a train!

Vintage Style Dresses 1

• The riding dress: dark and sober, it contains no lining and is made simply. It was worn, as its name suggests, to horse riding.

• The traveling dress: Like riding dress, she had to be simple and practical. Like traveling in the nineteenth century was long, it was an outfit that was also comfortable.

There are still a multitude of dresses, but to the world of Tales Defeated, it is not necessary to know all.

Vintage Style Dresses 2

Defeated Tales: Fashion

As many have noticed, Defeated Tales is not a historical but uchronic forum.Many items are not held in account, as saying that others are added. Here is a roughly details of the forum.

• For those working manually or messy like piracy and the mechanical and the androids working for Vasile, the outfits will be devoid of frills, mostly cotton for durability. Most keep their skirts but some opt for a pant for convenience.

Vintage Style Dresses 3