Vintage STYLE Decoration

Vintage STYLE DecorationThe vintage style comes increasingly gaining supporters both in fashion, as in decoration. The vintage decoration is delicate, romantic, full of personality and of course, has many references to the past.


The vintage-style environments extremely charming will and without much panache. You don’t have to spend a lot to create a vintage atmosphere. Wealth is the details and objects that are able to tell stories.


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Tips to have Vintage Style home

To create vintage style in your home, give preference to the classical furniture, with rounded shapes and deleted and neutral tones like pink, gold and white. Pan objects in antique shops, fairs, antique furniture stores and, of course, at Grandma’s. There are also a lot of furniture option with this ancient retelling in contemporary decor stores.

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Use elements with a nostalgic air as cages, old bikes, lampshades, clocks and radios. If this object has a family story behind, it gets even better! Handmade pieces such as crochet and patchwork and old pictures also help compose the retro vintage style climate. Another Tip is to make field flower arrangements in glass bottles instead of pots.


Be careful not to overreact and create a scenario of the past. There is a rule to follow, but the common sense and balance are required. A piece of vintage can be used on time or else you can put some more modern elements in an environment where air retro predominates. That makes it more fun, pleasant and harmonious.

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