Vintage Shoes for Wedding

Among so many details of the wedding the choice of the shoe for the big day should be special, because this accessory brings a charming charm to the bride’s look.

If you are going to marry in the vintage style, know that your look must conform to the party, including your shoe. Because there are so many options it becomes difficult to make the choice of the shoe that you have always dreamed of.

If you are looking for a marriage that is old-fashioned, but that brings a freshness to the look, we separate 15 of the most beautiful vintage footwear from Wholesaleably for you to die of love.

Vintage Shoes for Wedding

1 – Delicate

Look who BAPH-Ô-NICO this shoe !! In the colors blue and pink candy it will ensure a clean and modern look with retro touch. How about you be inspired by this model? You’re sure to rock the big day!

2 – Charming

The flowery shoes models have everything to do with the vintage look. If your wedding will have this theme, bet without fear in this style of shoe.

3 – With Details That Make The Difference

The lacy ones are the darlings, because they bring delicacy to the look of the bride, even more if they carry details that make all the difference like for example the pearls in the jump.

Vintage Shoes for Wedding 1

4 – Medium Jump Without Losing The Elegance

Between us, there are brides who prefer not to ride on high. A shoe model that will make your feet super comfortable are the thicker and medium heels. They will not tire you so much, besides they are beautiful and super high.

5 – Rendado

One more for the lace list. Beautiful, modern and with vintage traits this style leaves any bride sighing with love. And those ties then?

6 – Shoe Worked In Beads

When I saw this model I just fell in love!! The details in beads helped make the shoe even more beautiful. If you are a detail bride, this is your shoe!

7 – Stylish

In the well 70s style, this shoe is very welcome when the subject is vintage themed. Pure glamor and elegance!

Vintage Shoes for Wedding 2

8 – Doll Shoe

What bride does not feel like a doll? This style is for you that want to destroy without ceasing to be classic.

9 – Nude And Elegant

The nude is the preferred color of the most classic brides and the choice of the shoe is no different! You must be dying of love for this sweet vintage shoe, right?

10 – Blue Vintage Kitten Jumping

11 – Glitter

12 – Gray shoe

13 – Heart

Vintage Shoes for Wedding 3

14 – Boots

The boot shoe is a trend in American marriages, but it came to Brazil with the whole rope! How about tearing him up on his big day?

15 – Pearls

Pearls have been part of vintage accessories for many, many decades. Its charm has not been lost over the years! The pearls leave any delicate and gorgeous accessory, such as a special touch on bridal shoes.