Vintage Prom Dresses of Marlene Dietrich Style

Marlene Dietrich fashion prom dress

The English brand frock & frill is a label which designs still beautiful, glamorous evening dresses in the style of the 20’s and 30’s years. I especially love this long ball gown. It is painted in a light shade of lavender and detailed with small beads and sequins.

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Already, you can pull this delicate pumps and a stylish makeup on the next 20 years admiring party looks on you. You will find here the dress I bought the peep toes by Anna Field here.

The beautiful handmade flower headpiece comes from sea Berlin. The hair comb by pretty confetti.

Many seamstresses worked on Marlene’s clothes for months, until the perfectionist was fully satisfied with their outfits. This combined opulent, great jewelry, as large rings or magnificent chains.

Vintage Prom Dresses of Marlene Dietrich Style 1

These were the stage costumes of their ‘one woman shows’, which performed it from the 50s, often, as in London or Paris. So, she was also the first German artist, who appeared after the second world war in Russia.

This is Marlene’s stage coat – breast feather of swans – with a three-meter-long train. Allegedly, 3000 swans should have left her life for it. One would imagine that! This was tragically not uncommon at the time.

To these magnificent clothes she wore big feathers, stoles or fur. And as the most important accessory always a gorgeous look.

With this outfit, I want to show you that a glamorous look need not be expensive. I purchased the stunning, floor-length gown of glitter for only €30 at Orsay, it is also in the sale! You can find it here.

Vintage Prom Dresses of Marlene Dietrich Style 2

The faux fur collar comes from Lindy BoP. You’ll find gloves and chain with pretty confetti, the bag a vintage original.

The personal interpretation of Marlene Dietrich fashion

In advance, I would stress that I want to copy images in any way Marlene Dietrich. Their special aura is unique and is nobody able, to imitate them.

People heard the Marlene Dietrich fashion with shooting, in the own way, to interpret their elegance and their pride, to reproduce and to immerse a piece into the glamorous world of Marlene. But also their cool, casual and slightly overbearing page should be ignored here.

For me, it was important to connect not only with cigarettes and wide trousers. Marlene Dietrich was also extremely glamorous, eccentric and chic. With faux fur, glittering dresses and pompous jewelry people wanted to meet even this page of the exceptional artist.

Vintage Prom Dresses of Marlene Dietrich Style 3

In these pictures, I show you how nice it is to recreate this special style of the icon.