Vintage Mens Dress Shirts


The choice of shirt suitable to a suit constitutes a fundamental step of dressing. The elegant men’s suits are worn on numerous occasions: parties and formal dinners, elegant evenings, weddings and other celebrations, meetings and job interviews; in these cases, the presence of guests and participants with correct and appropriate clothing in the event is a necessary condition to honor him. Here is a guide on how to choose your vintage shirt suitable for a suit.

Vintage Mens Dress Shirts

We must be able to choose what to wear to not be out of place, attend to combinations and evaluate them

according to the occasion, from the familiar to the more formal. Decide color and type of shirt can be a seemingly insurmountable obstacle for many men unfamiliar to fashion trends and with little ability to combine colors and different leaders. We try to expose a few basic rules which serve as a guide.

Vintage Mens Dress Shirts 1

Beware of fancy shirts, not suitable for dresses in pinstripe or wire mesh jackets. The complete solid color helps, more than others, reckless shirts. A good practice is to limit the number of colors to two; Recalling that in very formal occasions would better avoid exceeding gaudy tints or excessive and heavy fantasies. Frequent contrast tie shirt, but the latter must bind with jacket and trousers. The rule want the occasion suits are a classic dark blue tie or bow tie tone on tone and provide for the white shirt.

Vintage Mens Dress Shirts 2

Match colors by choosing, for example, different shades of the color of your dress. For example, with a solid black suit you can wear grey shirts. With a blue suit, shirts that give on blue or light blue. If you don’t feel safe, wearing a white shirt: Classic and fits almost any outfit. Even the shape of the collar, cuff type and presence of pleats and sleeves determine the correct matching. According to MensShirtsShop, the shirt cuffs involving twins, without pocket and occasion collar enhances the elegance of a dark suit, whereas the French collar, making it less formal while maintaining elegance.

Vintage Mens Dress Shirts 3

There are many features to keep in mind about shirt and complete: fabrics, patterns, colors, etc. Light shirt or dark? To your own taste, provided no squawks chromatically with jacket and pants. Excessive contrasts between shirt and suit, removed black and various shades of gray with white, typically are enemies of elegance.