Vintage High Waist Bikinis

Hello the radiant and the female!

The high waist is back and YOUPPI! I’ll explain a little more why I’m glad the back of waist high, not just for the retro… If you look at the parade of Michael Kors, the high waist is very present.

If I’m just back from waist high in fashion, it’s also that a salesperson already explained to me that it was biggest since that we had removed the corset and high size of our clothing held and it gave us a better posture. And it’s true! Especially after having a baby, I can see you that I would have liked to be in 1950 carried, a corset and a sheath! Yes Yes! The back pain which I had, and which continues!

Vintage High Waist Bikinis 1

When I wear a corset, I have over this problem! And I noticed with the high waist Bikini, something wonderful, the small bourlet post C-section no longer exists, pouf, camouflaged! Magic! Wear a high waist and I told you that you will be delighted to see the difference. And you don’t even want him to wear a black shirt…

The high waist is flattering for several silhouette, especially those who have curves. And in the 1950s, the standard was the curves!

Vintage High Waist Bikinis 1

I look at the women of the 1940s and 50s, their style was much more elegant than today ‘ today! And posture… WOW!

For my part, I’ve already bought my white bikinis at Marina Vintage (I am eager to show you a picture after my photoshoot with Robert Marchand,…)

Vintage High Waist Bikinis 2

I also bought a cute Bikini typically vintage on Unique Vintage. We know, retro suits me well and he special!

And it’s so pretty!

Vintage High Waist Bikinis 3

Finally, I have an offer from Unique Vintage for you:

$ 150 is quickly spend a little dress and a swimsuit and presto,’ re you ready for spring and summer, even if it is still snowing at the time I write this article!