Vintage Flashlights for Sale

Fenix continues to make great strides in the technology of lighting and vintage flashlight.

Transforming a precision LED lighting consistent you can embrace the disciplines. Power management optimizes the absorption by batteries in the flashlights.

Thanks to optical engineering, the light beam of the LED is optimized for every torch in order to obtain a perfect focus and reduce the dispersion. The ergonomic design allows immediate control of all commands available, with great handling and portability.

Based in Shenzhen, China, create innovative LED flashlights and controls the entire Fenix production process,

Vintage Flashlights for Sale

with the highest standards of quality control. Unlike other manufacturers, in fact, Fenix monitors the performance of each torch. These high quality standards are applied in every production phase, from design to production, until sold.

Each vintage flashlight model on garyflashlights must be able to ensure optimum performance in every operating condition. For example, the E series is small, lightweight and usable every day. The torches of TK series are equipped with powerful LEDS are rugged and designed for professional applications.

You can quickly select different levels of brightness. Block unwanted ignition torch during transport. The buttons are protected by special sheaths raincoats, in order to allow these flashlights even in adverse weather conditions. Each function is designed to be simple to use and implement.

Vintage Flashlights for Sale 1

There are several ways of lighting, Turbo mode helps you extricate yourself from danger. Adjusting the brightness to low intensity, allows easy reading and carry out repairs. A lighting set to few lumen allows for navigation and a safe.

The life of the rechargeable batteries is designed for intensive and professional, as well as for recreational purposes and for all those who must rely on a constant brightness over time.

Inspecting and testing are performed by Fenix flashlight LED for each model. The result is that you can always get the maximum performance from each specific model. An entry-level model will offer lower performance than a midrange model and, even more, when compared to a model for professional use.

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All this is well known to Fenix, and every product is perfectly calibrated for the user, which is a professional, a hiker, a fan or a fan of Trek, and so on.

Fenix torches are produced very durable, suitable for intensive use or hobby purposes.

When you choose an LED flashlight, start thinking about the task that you need, and then evaluates the battery life, consider the lumens needed. Then look at the price.

All models are made of aluminum alloy, Fenix special aeronautical and high-performance plastics. With the intention of creating lasting products, each model is accompanied by a guarantee of 24 months.

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