Vintage Fashion with Skirt Pants

If you are a fan of vintage fashion, but gets tired of the same parts-ball dress, pencil skirt, capri pants and the like, this news promises to renew their options in time to assemble a retro look.

Also known as pants, culottes or skirt pants, emerged in the years 1940, had your revival of the 1970 and 1990 and now is again in evidence, both among fashionistas, like vintage scene.

The piece appeared in the times of the second world war, when many of the women had to take the place of soldiers, men in the labour market and needed more comfortable clothes for work, getting around on bicycles and even play sports.

Vintage Fashion with Skirt Pants

Thus, this model looks like a midi skirt pants (also very popular at the time), but is, in fact, a pants shorter in length between the knee and the ankle.

With larguinha, well modeling skirt pants joins the comfort of traditional sophistication skirt pants evasê, perfect combination for women seeking safety in movements, without losing the elegance of looks.

Tips For Use:

Vintage Fashion with Skirt Pants 1

Care in time to compose the look, because the volume of pants may bring some complications.

– Always wear sweaters justinhas to balance the silhouette
– Always opt for acinturados models and wider below, giving the impression of skirt
-Sneakers, oxfords or heels are super welcome in the compositions
-Bet on basic t-shirts, shirts or sweaters to combine

Vintage Fashion with Skirt Pants 2
-Belts also fall right in time to compose the look

Where to Buy Pants-Skirt:

The online store INTERNETDICT has skirt pants with the modeling inspired by an original piece of years 1940. In corduroy or denim, the piece is available in the colors blue and brown, R$ 142 value, which can be divided into three tranches of 47.33 R$.

Vintage Fashion with Skirt Pants 3