Vintage Style Fascinators

You are elegant, colorful, funky, detail in love, colorful or very discreet: fascinator.

Vintage Style Fascinators

These pieces are a wonderful addition to any outfit especially for the summer. A fascinator, ladies, which carried away not to sprawling straw hats or colorful head scarves would be, but nonetheless a delicate headdress or hair accessory for her beloved summer outfit, see the right accompaniment.

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The fascinator as summer hair accessory

Fascinators are diversified, suitable for everyday use, decorating. They can be both discreet and funky or fancy. Fascinator is the Latin word fascinare derived from, what so much means to charm or bewitch. In this case, I would prefer more the former, because ladies look not simply enchanting with an elegant headpiece?

On this subject I have Maule with Corona, which produces detailed headdress with her label Pagani for quite some time. The icing on the cake of outfits is this clearly for Corona.

“It underlines the elegant evening dress as well as the extravagance of the wearer. In everyday life it can be a loyal companion and offer a recognizable in a crowd as well as a ring or a bag.”

I especially love the maritime style! The fascinator by wave Berlin and the jewelry from Plauen lace by Frieda & Elly fit perfectly to a dark blue dress. Photo: Lilou – Gallery of life.

“It is important that the fascinator to wet, how to dry hair match, are quick and easy to attach in the summer. Of course maritime motifs and summery light dreams are always matching.”

The production of fascinators

Sometimes it is a melody, which accompanied Corona for days, and inspiration for their creative work. While it rotates around the table, placing side by side fabrics and colors and way, sometimes 4 to 10 accessories are created at the same time.

The Rüganer has been living for many years in Berlin and has learned at a Berlin wedding fashion designer making hair accessories.

You pay attention that mainly natural materials are used for environmental reasons. These include felt, satin, cotton, or spring. So, Corona avoids hot-melt glue as well.

Karen from Tate millinery conjures up some fascinators on a single day. Where these also in between must be set aside allow the glue to dry combines the individual elements.

The Fascinator as Summer Hair Accessory

Inspiration from the past

In the last centuries, the fascinator was worn solely by noble ladies of the upper class. This was particularly popular with the ladies in the UK: whether at garden parties, weddings, or horse racing, the pretty little hat was part of the game.

In the 20th century, the pieces have become elegant companions of ladies. Hollywood ladies wore headdresses as much as pin up models or burlesque dancers.

In her works for the head, you can prefer inspired films with Fred Astaire Corona of old black and white. Their timeless elegance is with her to this day.

Fascinator as hair flowers

A fascinator makes any outfit into something special. If jeans and T-Shirt or a elegant 20 years finds robe – each clothing their perfect complement. Women who wear a fascinator, are proud, upright, feminine.

The first unusual happens who advises Corona: “start with hair flowers! You will quickly realize how easy it is to wear them. And each time, when you look in the mirror, Marvel quietly, how, so a small accessory emphasizes your femininity so fabulous way!”

Pin up girl Barbara Bates looks stunning bikini with floral decorations. The army weekly is 1945 via Wikimedia Commons.

Sweet floral decoration in the form of a hair mature is particularly easy to install and fits to open as well as bound up hair. Headpiece by wave Berlin, Mademoiselle dress Tambour. Photo: Lilou – Gallery of life.

Hat designer Karen of Tate millinery told me some time ago in an interview and beautiful headpiece should be portable, reduced and becoming. “The wearer should have the sense, that all her turn around, because she don’t looks so great so that she carries a foreign body.”

As a woman who wears this headgear best?

Depending on the model, the pieces are attached to the head with a comb, a hair pin or a headband.

For the designer of Pagani fit such pieces for ladies are open for it to live their feminine side. Sovereignty in style matters is by age or social position for them also, regardless.

For open hair, Corona recommends flower creations. Hair flowers combine well and are easy to use. For an upscale occasion fits an updo with central or lateral approach for the fascinator.

A birdcage (see below) or tulle veil can stress the “good side”. For the choice of hair style, face shape, hair length and dress – and blouses cut should be considered according to Corona.

Who has tried it once?

Private is the designer, by the way only rarely “topless” out of the house. Who has accustomed the delicate headdress once, would not miss him. And the pictures of these little works of art don’t speak but for themselves?

You can find the shop by designer Corona Maule on DaWanda. A great interview has also led her Franka by ladies & gents.

A contribution to the theme of retro hats and other beautiful work you can find here: well protected by Tate millinery headpieces – graceful retro.