Vintage Desk Lamps

To give style to your work space, bet on the desk lamp: the accessory for style and work comfortably. Centerpiece, she gives decorative tone by making your office a chic space, trendy, timeless or pop. Zoom on our 8 new desk lamps with a strong personality.

Black for the timeless lamps and trend

For a timeless and elegant office, opt again for a timeless black lamp. Stylish and timeless, the Archi desk lamp is a ‘must have’ must-have! Orientable and slender, she brings an industrial look and vintage to any office. On a wooden, glass or even lacquered tray color is the perfect lamp!

Vintage Desk Lamps
Just as elegant and fine, the lamp Domino mix matte black and wood for hyper current results. A marriage for an office look timeless and warm. The ‘more ‘? It offers 2 intensities for maximum comfort.

Vintage Desk Lamps 1

Effects silver for vintage night lights

New night lights dress of silver notes for a contemporary chic. The vintage nightlights in nickel color offer an elegant retro. Deported and articulated arms, drive on its base are both effective and stylish desk lamp.
The mix of feminine and masculine notes for the lamp Snake. With its curves soft and malleable, its brushed steel finish and its led lighting, she will find a place for itself in small offices. Finally, for a sleek design, opt for the Forever desk lamp with its matte gray finish hyper trend. A current look for a lamp equipped with effective lighting issued through a 6 W Led bulb.

Vintage Desk Lamps 2

Pop colors for trendy desk lamps

The new lamps parent pop color to combine work with dynamism and optimism! Super practical and colorful, Clipper, Vivi, or Rainbow desk lamps free space on the desktop thanks to their narrow base or clamp system. Declined in turquoise blue, fuchsia or green anise, these lamps are ideal for adding a touch of color vive and boost the wisest offices… Adopt emergency!

Vintage Desk Lamps 3