Vintage Bike

Whether by choice or necessity, the vintage bike more and more followers. Indeed, it is tempting to turn to the used market because you can find something on antique fair, a scholarship to bicycles or on the Internet from 40 €. At that price, it will certainly not a very dashing bike or with all the amenities … Another option is to contact a specialist dealer “second hand”. In general, it offers bikes that have been overhauled and can even offer a guarantee of months.

Vintage Bike

But whatever the sector and the chosen model, you will absolutely control the security elements of the bike you want to acquire.

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Include among the essential checks: for wear and brake operation, the different lighting elements, wear pneus. Voir if the frame does not crack if all cables are good condition and properly tensioned, if the pedals are not bent and run correctly, without noise. For a ride on the bike will test the speed, check that the chain does not crack or jumps, which management has no game and the wheels are not veiled.

Vintage Bike2

Once this examination and all faulty, it will do more than evaluate the price deemed repairs and equipment necessary to have a bike “fit for service”. Please note that spare parts are expensive and some models may be more available in the market. These additional purchases can be justified for a good quality bike, with bike helmet safety lights but not necessarily for an entry-level model …

Draisienne: a good learning tool

Draisienne made a notable appearance recently radius bikes for children: it deserves some explanation. Ancestor of the velocipede, born two centuries ago (in 1817 Manheim), this “running machine” is as a bike without pedals. Sitting on the saddle and hands on the handlebars, it moves with the help of the legs. Instead of pressing on the pedals to drive the pedal that transmits to the wheels, are the feet that drive the movement.

Vintage Bike3

With the invention of the bicycle, the dandy horse had completely disappeared. If today resurfaces from the past is that we realized that it could be a good learning tool for young children. This funny bike without pedals makes it possible to toddler, from 2 years, pushing forward on the floor with his feet and discover little by little, set years risk balance. No need small wheels that one hesitates to remove or run by keeping your child to prevent him falling … After learning this natural and smooth, about 4 or 5 years, your child will spend painless (for him and for you!) on a pedal bike.

Cost of a balance bike: between 60 and 100 €.