Vanessa of Paradis Is the New Face of H & M Conscious Collection for 2013

The big deal with the sustainability goes even 2013 in the next round. After the “green fair” in Paris this year was canceled, the Ethical Fashion Week was allowed to enjoy here in Berlin of very popular. Since 2011, the Green Showroom demonstrates above all that sustainable collections absolutely with the trend-savvy pieces can keep up with and the former dust is now really long since swept away. We were of course there on the road for you and will in the next few weeks more times detail the small brands with the promise of sustainable draw attention to and not deprive you also our visit of the ethical fashion week.

For the time being, we dedicate ourselves but a fresh eingetrudelten news from the home of H & M: Vanessa Paradis is the face of the Conscious Collection of H this spring & M. this time is so prominent support for the sustainable line, which is already in 2011 a year on the market. From March 25 so there number 3 – for men and women, Concsious collection now mind you.

Vanessa of Paradis Is the New Face of H & M Conscious Collection for 2013 1

It is not so easy to be for it or against it: the reflected views of the whole thing is probably important. Because we all want organic cotton, good working conditions and are calling for a careful treatment of the environment. Until which however corresponds to reality, even years in the country are likely to go. Consciousness but is the first beginning and the H & M, also from a business perspective, as a pioneer in the fast fashion industry of the day – even if we there of course must remain not criticism-free. If the big thus yet more stir worry and awareness, then can do that but actually well only a small fire for sustainable design, or? Yes, at least from now on more attention is paid to the sustainable designers – what do you think?

We recommend also the click to edun, the sustainable high-end label by Bono and his wife at this point.

Vanessa of Paradis Is the New Face of H & M Conscious Collection for 2013 2
Or click to the honest by collection of Bruno Pieters. Or the young label P | AGE, the celebrated his debut at this year’s ethical fashion week. Selection so enough – there of Trigema up expensive designer pieces!

But have time fix back to Vanessa, who had the following indicated can be: “initiatives such as the conscious collection by H & M I’m in love. I’m always doing the best, and vintage clothing is an integral part of my wardrobe. I love the style.”

So far so good. We look at just what is the H & M design team and the ‘Better cotton’ initiative as the hat conjured up as much in there good now, unfortunately at the end of the day is uncertain.

So much has been communicated to us the last time H & M:

Vanessa of Paradis Is the New Face of H & M Conscious Collection for 2013 3

“The products are marked with H & M with organic cotton, containing organic cotton. These we can also by the independent institutes IMO and control Union check and certify. In the production process materials from organic cotton must be, marked and stored separately what we review in our controls.

Should an organic cotton for a conventional cotton, it is quite possible that seeds or as fertilizer can be transferred to other fields. This can not prevent, however, we are convinced that the environmental burden on the nature and the farmers gradually decreased. The controllers of the IMO and the cotrol Union can still determine whether a cotton field was biologically ordered.

Purely organic colors available unfortunately not with satisfactory result. Nevertheless, provides H & M sure that world’s no harmful substance in the production is used by the strict chemical restriction list. This contains more than 270 substances and is constantly updated. A substance in a given country is forbidden, so he is banned worldwide in production for H & M. We check this in more than 30,000 checks per year. Find more information as always at”