Urban Outfitters Opening at the Ku’damm Berlin

Around 1500 square meters, three floors, enough funds, and an entire floor full cabins – since today 17: 00 he is open, the Urban Outfitters store on the Berlin Ku’damm and especially through its generous space. Clear has one urban saw one Outfitters Store, you know about which characterised the rest – this is so light and airy like otherwise only a few.

Urban Outfitters Opening at the Ku'damm Berlin 1

Not only the Lords have a larger area to browse, to us, a little paradise that can compete well with Frankfurt follows girls: A well stocked shoe corner! Here and there the are while also neatly arranged along with matching pieces, gathered at a place the whole works but definitely still a bit greater. We have been now taken for granted once with our camera on the ground and let the images speak: et voila: our favorite pieces and other impressions from the store.

Urban Outfitters Opening at the Ku'damm Berlin 2

The area granted for the men – a little neglected at this point.

That is indeed at least as popular as their designer corner on the Ku’damm definitely bigger than on the street of master of wine:

We were by the way, aren’t the only ones who wanted to have a first look into it. Were you already in the new poster child of Urban Outfitters?

Urban Outfitters Opening at the Ku'damm Berlin 3