Types of Vintage Watches

Classic Vintage Watches

Manufacturers such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, IWC, Rolex and Vacheron Constantin are examples of brands that through the years produced some of the most coveted vintage texture. Watches IWC’s Portuguese models have long been popular among collectors. The same applies Audemars Piguets Royal Oak collections. It is common for manufacturers regularly takes in older models of new construction (with some updates). Examples of this include Jaeger Reverso LecCoultres series that was first produced in the early 30th century and currently manufactured again.

Types of Vintage Watches

Many of the most valuable models of these classic dress watches have one of the following things: unusual clockwork, clockwork with several complications, working in the 50s and 60s, an interesting design. There are of course many other things that can make such a clock sought after and valuable.

We try on the products we sell show on specific elements of the particular unique object.

Used Quartz Watches

New technology has always been interesting for collectors. This includes quartz watches. Early quartz watches are often very valuable. The same applies to many of the Cartier and Rolex watches made with quartz movement. Rolex now has no model has a quartz movement. This helps to today they are relatively rare. Something that often raises the value of a used watch. Although Omega has a lot of items from the 70’s with quartz movement which is now very popular watch according to Songaah.com.

Furthermore, it has in modern times, in the 90s and 2000s produced many used watches which today may not be in production which is also very popular. If only because you get a lot for your money when the price is often significantly lower compared with the corresponding model new.

Types of Vintage Watches 1

Used ladies’ watches

Vintageur the ladies have in recent decades become more and more popular. The most sought-after models have diamonds or other precious stones set in case, dial alterantvit bracelet.

Cartier, Patek Philippe and Chopard are among those that manufacture the most exclusive watches in this category. It is also used watches from TAG Heuer, for example, often have a lower price, but that is very popular.

As for women’s watches so clockwork is often of secondary importance in the vintage market. More common is the artistic craftsmanship and design of the case, Armand and dial a greater significance.

Although the material has greater importance in damvintageklockor, exclusive materail such as gold is often more valuable when the clock is often also regarded as a piece of jewelry.

Types of Vintage Watches 2

Novelty Vintage Watches

A special type of watches that often has a playful designed dial. Examples of this are the first watch with Mickey Mouse dial manufactured in 1933. Another example is when Coca Cola in the 40’s had a promotion where they made watches with their logo on the dial. A more modern example of this type of watch is the Swatch models that began to be manufactured At the beginning of the 80th century and is still being produced.

Normally this type of bells are not so expensive, but they are usually bought for its sentimental value.

Digital Vintage Watches

Types of Vintage Watches 3

Digital watches with retro design has over time become increasingly popular among watch collectors.

The technique initially used is called LED (light-emitting diode) was developed in the late 60s and among early sådna models include Hamilton, their creation Pulsar Calculator worn by James Bond in the 1973 film “Live and Let Die”.

At the beginning of the 70th century developed the LED to the LCD (liguid crystal display). Omega has manufactured several models with LCD display which is now very popular on the vintage market.

Other examples of popular watches in this category are the Casio watches from the 80s with remote control and their Casio G-Shock models.