Trend: the Revival of the Baggy Pants?

We live in a time in which we are certainly inspired by many different trends and not rarely infected, but at the same time as a time faithful to “everything is possible for the motto” characterized by her forever and ever-recurring revivals.

Trend the Revival of the Baggy Pants 1

So many of us can not disconnect themselves from their Skinny Jeans, others have lapsed the Flared Jeans trend completely and others would rise again like constantly comfortable bib & brace in their ultra – no problem, because anything is possible. Classic series on trend pieces and not rarely we use in the wardrobe of the Lord, who is like a treasure chest.

Trend the Revival of the Baggy Pants 2

What we these days but more often see are extremely wide and distant silhouette jeans, again a revival experience thanks to second hand and vintage. Way too big, they sit on delicate bodies and remember a bit on the skater angehimmelten pants boys teen times. They were wearing their baggy pants namely preferably with colorful patterned and also on Boxer shorts.

Trend the Revival of the Baggy Pants 3

The girls on the above images without the Durchblitzen of her underwear, wear but at least as wide pants that sit between loose and too big and combine her outfit with tops of lace or uncomplicated, white shirts. And what do you think? Insanely easy and super cool or kinda naked and also singled, hmm?