Treasures of Vintage and Retro in One of Its Temples, ‘La Fille’

The Fille Vintage; a paradise of garments with a delicious screed that is worth discovering.

In this first video-post of Mensencia own editing, we encourage you to discover some secrets of the vintage y retro properly said, in one of their temples from Madrid, ‘La Fille’, because jewelry design like these will never pass fashion. And also the article clarify some terms in this respect for all those lovers of this type of apparel of exquisite solera.

And it is that many times we use we have read the words vintage y retro, two very settled words in the vocabulary of fashion, but that for many people don’t have a clear definition. And is that if you take the hand of the dictionary, vintage in the SAR does not appear anywhere (is coming), mostly because it is an Anglo-Saxon word which literally means harvest, adapting it to the lexicon fashionista could mean something as well as ‘vintage clothing’ (with character). While retro, If recognized by the Spanish glossary, it means backwards. So you could say that retro clothes are those that they look to the past.

Clarifying concepts

Friends and dressed in tuxedos (years 50’s)

Yet the concepts remain nothing unclear, and both are very ambiguous, so asking several specialists in this type of articles (owners of vintage and retro shops) I have come to the following conclusion. They are considered vintage all of those listed items Since the 80’s back (70’s, 60’s, 50’s, 40’s, etc…), while retro, they are from the years garments 80-90’s.

And it is that as they explain this delimitation for years, is because obviously do not have the same value an American of the year 1960 another 1980, although both are of the same style (for example), and somehow have to classify the starting price of this type of fashion items as at present and is usually purchased in batches. Vintage and retro concepts must be added the of Palms, that would accommodate old and out of season items of the 90’s onwards.

In Spain the conception of shops vintage is relatively recent, and No There is that confused This type of specialized business, with the second hand shops, that feed on individual assignments of anonymous clients, people who emerges from old clothes used for re – selling it, i.e. articles that have only a few years.

Treasures of Vintage and Retro in One of Its Temples, 'La Fille' 1

It is important to look very much what we buy, and of course, wash y clean well this kind of garment. There have been cases of infections with the use of clothes of second hand in Mexico. Cold water point, cotton, silk, etc more American, jackets and a good detergent should be stored in a plastic bag for a few days to kill mites, shoes exposing them to the Sun a day or two before putting them, I also recommend some sort of sanitizing powder (there are several brands on the market).

Loving the vintage & retro

Sixites Baroque twins

The vintage and retro lovers they know there are good items to look for them and very well sought after, because over the years obviously affects these articles, that’s why the best preserved and those who are signed by prestigious designers or consecrated brands acquire greater value. In the same way those fashion houses disappeared, some designers in particular or special editions garments are much more expensive than the retro-vintage from the heap.

So it is normal that a shirt stamped with the mythical chains and the Gianni (Versace) more eighties jellyfish, cost a lot of money if we compare it with other similar any signature that date from the same period. And is that the concept low-cost-Copia-diseno It characterizes a large group such as Inditex, and that so much damage this is doing to the textile industry, not have it been invented them, which has always imitated and/or copied (vale! never so blatant). Already long ago the very madmoiselle Coconut (Chanel) suffering in their own flesh, as you ‘parafraseaban’ its famous costumes jacket of Tweed in black and white, or ideal bags Cambon 2.55 (the must have highlights of the House) you created in the year 1955, and which are still the most copied or imitated goods.

Also within a few years garments from Alexander McQueen’s latest collection (and that it had to terminate Sarah Burton stood halfway, you rest in peace master), or the final collections of John Galliano for Dior and his own impetuous line (both already in store, by the way) will reach the status of ‘collector’s pieces’, with their respective exorbitant price.

Campaign of 1947 of the firm of Willsonites sunglasses

Returning to the theme, the question can you buy vintage and new retro? (probably more than one has been the question), we respond effectively if, and although it seems contradictory is not thus, has an explanation. Many produced collections in last decades never got to shop, well because the wholesaler did not sell them to small and medium trade at the time and fashion houses they withdrew from the market, either because they arrived at the point of sale but were never sold and were stored. In fact do anything I bought a t-shirt in a green impossible to Le Coq Sportif with original label in 1984, for example.

Treasures of Vintage and Retro in One of Its Temples, 'La Fille' 2

That’s why many stores of vintage and retro have large stocks (well relatively larger than the vintage just) garments decades ranging from the 70’s onwards or even earlier and ranging selling batch (the word lot is used much in this world) to owners of such boutiques or private clients specialized in such parts, and even collectors.

We must also distinguish themselves, the meanings of the vintage and retro ‘vintage-inspired’, ‘retro cut’ or similar, already many firms and current retail chains, who know these concepts flip and wrong intentionally used (well intentionally for them), to catalog many of his articles, taking advantage of that today and a few years to this part, all that breathe to ‘old’ It’s a success assured sales. There are already companies producing garments look old and selling them as retro, but do not let you cheat. No confuse that not you sell the ‘ inspiration vintage’ by vintage.

Pocket detail Pochettes

The World of the vintage It is a network of the most convoluted one time discovered hooks, If you do not have an article of this type I encourage you to discover this interesting trendy-territory and try to include one in your wardrobe. I assure you that if you find one with you never feel it identified you will regret the purchase.

In addition to the years that already have the step time with your own use does provide these pieces of a added value always very special. As personal story I can tell you that although I do not remember the first garment vintage bought, currently more than 30% roughly of the clothes of my cabinets (I have four more Madrid another in London, I know is too much…) is made up of vintage clothing and retro.

The Fille Vintage

‘The Fille Vintage’ is one of the first specialized Spanish portals in this type of articles, and was born with the idea of search and select these masculine and feminine design jewelry and sell them to the most discerning fashionistas and better taste. Because to carry one of these parts should be much style.

Between his secret list of suppliers (they do not buy batch, make individual selection piece by piece) are models, stylists, personalities from the world of fashion and many VIP’s who have decided to sell some of their jewelry retro-vintage, for surely undertake new purchases, and is that we know that renew or die, of course the first thing. These are part of your potential customers.

Newly released the portal you can find articles of Dior, Levis, Loewe, Liberto, Custo, King Loui, Borg… and for them as almost always is wide offer with authentic pieces of Museum of such notable names in luxury as Armani, Cloé, Dries Van Noten, Gianfranco Ferré o Manolo Blahnik, among other many more.

Treasures of Vintage and Retro in One of Its Temples, 'La Fille' 3

The Saharan ‘Saint-Lauriana’ seventies eighties re-issue by Lee

In addition and out of the vintage and retro have a section of young designers with new generation as TodoenKaja o THKD$, and another paragraph low-cost articles of clothing of very selected past seasons and at a great price. Be sure to visit the official website, because say me that what is currently presented is only a small preview and soon (this month of September), we surprise you with many others ‘treasures of the vintage’ (they are preparing the output of more than 300 items). For those who are in Madrid also you have shop Street in fish number 14.

Acknowledgements and official site | The Fille Vintage