Travel Rue Vintage 74: I Marrakech

Today we move to Marrakech and bring you our particular selection with our favorite addresses. It is not a guide if not a complement to any guide with addresses that for some reason we have liked and we want to share so that you take very into account if you are in your plans an escape to the most exotic city of Morocco.

Travel Rue Vintage 74 I Marrakech 2


The amount of Riads and hotels Marrakech has to dedicate a whole post. We are left with the following.

Riad El Fenn.

It is one of our favorites. It is a renovated historical property formed by 7 suites. With numerous private spaces and a rooftop terrace from which you can contemplate the Atlas mountains. It is a Hotel & Restaurant & Concept store with a spectacular decoration, an oasis in the middle of the city. A must see that does not leave you indifferent.

Riad Jardin Secret

In the heart of the Medina of Marrakech is this cozy Riad which has a private garden and carefully decorated Moroccan with a marked French label. According to Milk Magazine is the favorite of the creative, something will have to catch them …

Riad Yasmine

It stands out for its exoticism and warmth and its colorful mosaics. In addition to a relaxation area next to the pool to enjoy the sun and the good weather of Morocco. Its view from above is one of the most unscrewed photos of Marrakech.

Riad Abracadabra

The Catalans Inés and Bruno, cousins ​​and partners in this adventure, bought this classic Riad, which was the old Derkaoui palace belonging to an aristocratic Moroccan family. After two years of restoration the Riad Abracadabra opened to the public. Its eight rooms reflect the personality marrakchí not exempt of European delicacies.

Hotel Amanjena

One of the best hotels in Africa, it belongs to the chain Aman. The architecture is imposing and staying there means much more than a 5 star hotel. Amanjena is the discreet luxury, the flight of the pretension, a bet to the silence, the ample spaces and the quality.

Breakfast or brunch in Le Jardin des épices

Salads, organic products and delicious fruits can be enjoyed without interruption from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Inside is the store of Norya Ayron, your selection of silks in kimonos, pants and shirts is breath-taking.

Appetizer in Nomad

A magical sunset over the medina, they do not serve alcohol. Perfect for an aperitif and an exceptional view.

Travel Rue Vintage 74 I Marrakech

Cafe des Epices

With a simple but very appetizing menu the Cafe des Epices is the perfect place to find some peace, we especially like its terrace from which you can observe the movement of the souk.

Terrase Les Epices

It is in the heart of the medina built on a huge terrace, offering an impressive panorama of the Atlas Mountains and the Koutoubia.

Dar Yakout Dinner

Yacout is an institution in Marrakech. The decor is a boast to their culture and the tasting menu is excessive, almost always exceptional.

Palais Namaskar Brunch

Every Sunday you can enjoy a delicious brunch in this spectacular palace, a perfect place to relax while listening to live music.

La Maison Arabe

It is a boutique hotel with a restaurant and hamman highly recommended.

Dar Majana

Although it is necessary to reserve with time, it is a obligatory stop in the gastronomic route of Marrakech. An old palace that revolves around a patio perfect for enjoying typical Moroccan food.

Grand Cafe de la Poste

It is the area of ​​Gueliz, opened in the 1920s and was a meeting point for spies. Currently it continues to maintain that mystery and that makes it a mandatory stop for the aperitif with the fall of the sun.

Royal Mansour

The Roya Mansour hotel, one of the best in Africa, houses three restaurants, and any of them is an exquisite bet for all the senses. High cuisine in a cozy environment that leaves no one indifferent.

Travel Rue Vintage 74 I Marrakech 3

Beldi Country Club

It is a hotel with country club in which you can eat under an olive tree roof. One fact, it’s Kids-friendly!

Le Comptoir

Among European audiences, Le Comptoir is the most fun place in Marrakech, perfect for a drink or several while enjoying local dances.

Lalla hand bags

She is one of the fetish designers of the city, her shop is in Gueliz very close to the Cafe de la Poste, her handbags and accessories are distant from the souk shopping, her designs have an unbeatable quality.

Norya Ayron

Kaftanes and silk dresses with colorful and ethnic prints. A must stop in this oasis of the medina.

It is the industrial district away from the city, emerging young artists, others consecrated, collectors, decoration shops … they meet in this particular neighborhood with clandestine airs. Their schedule is not obvious, but this getaway is well worth it.

Les Jardins Majorelle

They were created by Jacques Majorelle, French painter who settled in Marrakech in 1919 and in 1980 acquired by Yves Saint Laurent. A spectacular place to escape and be inspired.