Tip for the Weekend: Hipster Olympics in Berlin

Granted, Berlin is not without reason a the hipster metropolises far and wide. In hardly any other German city otherwise meet so many fashion crazy at the same time, romp about the Nerdbrillen-, skinny-jeans – and Apple fanatic on a stain like in our capital city. “What started as an ironic expression of own individualism, has become now in many Berlin inner city districts the grassroots.” A little hipster is possible now in any fashion-interested people and so is it just here in Berlin, the cliches of the skinny jeans craze to jute bag cult a bit ironic to deal with and tongue in cheek to admit the one or the other hipster attitude.

Tip for the Weekend Hipster Olympics in Berlin 1

On Sunday an Olympics is devoted to why the freak and all hip of nerds around Berlin are invited to join. The hipster Olympics program is to the squiggles and should motivate everyone to log on there still fix. Because who would not desire for disciplines such as Club-mate boxes race, Iphone-poking (iPhones must bring itself) or Jute bag sack race?

But also:

Tip for the Weekend Hipster Olympics in Berlin 2

  • Starbucks mug to the bet roles
  • Latte-macchiato-Kekse-stacking
  • Vintage mustache painting contest
  • Fashion shawl jumping rope
  • Apple product portfolio-prices-rates
  • Skinny jeans-Tau-drag or
  • Horn glasses tossing

Organized by cult music we go on Sundays at 16: 00 on the Arkonaplatz. With your team (3-5 people you can you still login here.) Of course, all are invited: whether hipster “Full-time-hipster, Feierabend – & weekend hipster or at all even not hipster”. Prizes also! And should the Wochenendplanung so are not yet available, you do ever what on Sunday anyway!

Tip for the Weekend Hipster Olympics in Berlin 3