Three Perfect Looks to Wear This Summer

Long pants, short or dress? Choose the fabric you like, with which you feel most comfortable. Vintage style is fashion and here I show you three different looks perfect to show off this Spring-summer. proposals of the firm Insight, an Australian firm that is already in Spain.

Three Perfect Looks to Wear This Summer 1

I love to discover new brands of clothes, especially if they are intended for women of today and come to bring creativity and variety to the market with items like these.

The first look is a Skinny trousers Black combined with a white t-shirt from drooping shoulders, with abstract pattern of colors. Heels and platform shoes put the estilazo in purple, matching one of the colours of the shirt.

Three Perfect Looks to Wear This Summer 2

The second, a short Cowboy worn with a white shirt straps with floral pattern, ideal for wear in the hottest days, stroll along the beach or go to the pool.

And the third, a dress light purple straps, almost lilac, one of the colors of this summer. A design sexy, especially by his insinuating zipper at neck edge, and very summery, perfect to wear on a gray afternoon.

Three Perfect Looks to Wear This Summer 3

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