The Saharan Region of YSL in The Salon Vintage Paris

The Vintage Lounge It is the fetish for clever collectors of clothes, furniture and accessories of half the world. An event that takes place from 18 years in the Carreau du Temple in Paris.

As well, this year, one of the biggest collectors of Yves Saint Laurent vintage clothing It will expose one of the most iconic pieces of missing designer declined in several reintepretaciones conducted over more than one decade.

The Saharan Region of YSL in The Salon Vintage Paris 1

I am referring to the simpar Olivier Chatenet and the mythical Saharan YSL. From his childhood in Oran, Yves Saint-Laurent continued feeling a very strong attachment to Africa. In 1967 he presented a collection which he called Bambara making paraded a Safari jacket in cotton beige color with large front pockets. This jacket was inspired by the uniforms of the army of British india and the German Afrikakorps.

Yves glamourizo its initial model providing a pronounced cleavage, asking the famous Countess Veruschka that looked very sensual way to a fashion editorial published by Vogue magazine signed by the photographer Franco Rubartelli.

This production had all the sexy potential of this garment which was soon to become an authentic object of desire among women.

The Saharan Region of YSL in The Salon Vintage Paris 2

The garment in question, made in linen or cotton Khaki, beige or sand, It had the virtue of recreating the illusion in the mind of the urbanites of feeling that moved freely in full African savannah.

Her great cleavage that was closed by means of cords, and his belt buckle transformed it in an elegant robe of city who had the magical power of make traveling without moving from the site.

This iconic garment lucid by Betty Catroux and Loulou de la Falaise during the opening of the first boutique of YSL in the Rive Gauche of Paris, who came to inspire most of the looks of safari style, was designed in 1966 and 68 led to an entire collection that Yves Mathieu called “África”.

The Saharan Region of YSL in The Salon Vintage Paris 3

A curious fact comment Olivier Chatenet has in total 1,500 items signed by Yves Saint Laurent, I don’t want to even imagine the amount of cabinets you have to have in your home!