The New Fancy Dresses – Our Favorite!

At some point, because I was a dress girl times. But then, slowly but surely established themselves with high waist jeans pants and available almost everywhere, since the flowers and ruffles suddenly from the wardrobe disappeared. I probably simply suffered from vintage and secondhand oversaturation, could no longer see all the old clothes. Pants celebrated her comeback in my closet so thanks to the new cuts, delicate fabric tunics, however, eked out a sad existence.

The New Fancy Dresses - Our Favorite! 1

Now is my mind however after a little change. New hairstyle, new luck, or something. Because now, the hair is short. Maybe it is some of you Yes similar to, but you are trained up, you have cut yourself a piece of femininity from the head, then it just tends to kompeniseren those loss dramatically. With lipstick or earrings for example. Both don’t really want to get me, and therefore I shift my new Selbsfindungsphase simply on the material. Feminine it must go to finally, blümerant and high closed anyway. New, short dresses come fluttered there just at the right time in the shops, I thought to myself, and have a few pretty models out fix rummaged for all who are looking for a little well-deserved cuteness, – what is for you, huh?

Seen from below from left to right from top left to right and dan:

The New Fancy Dresses - Our Favorite! 2

1. Markus Azofeifa Tweed dress here.
2. blue velvet dress with ruffle detail on the sleeves, our site.
3. acne velvet dress, here.
4. cream dress from ZARA.
5. dress with zipper currently available at COS.
6 sand yellow dress with ruffle details, here.
7 grey, flared short dress with more pronounced shoulders also seen at COS.
8 nude colored dress with Peter Pan collar, here.
9 Pink shirt busen dress by Diane von Furstenberg, here.
10 shift dress by Schumacher, here.
The New Fancy Dresses - Our Favorite! 3