The Look of The Week June 22/28: Anne Hathaway

It was clear who was going to do with the look of the week, but I decided not to proclaim what. This is how a good actress that you do not know by what film nominating, though rather more common, because unfortunately films that are worth the penalty there are few and commendable looks, many and disparate. But well, in the end I decided not popular motion and granted the precious trophy of champion of the week to Anne Hathaway and one of its multiple red dresses.

The Look of The Week June 2228 Anne Hathaway 1

I am not going to repeat over and over again what I like this girl that so many seem to sosa and tasteless, and long live the discretion when it comes to the hand of a refined glamour halo, transgressive not avant-garde, not chillón, simple and plain, without making too much noise, but equally valid.

Red is the color of passion and that is what this girl lifted unintentionally, the look that I have chosen is an original dress shirt with tie knotted neck, in Crimson and black.

The Look of The Week June 2228 Anne Hathaway 2

forcefully vintage air since it’s a piece signed by the legendary British designer Ossie Clark, and this is the second reason why I choose it. Ossie (along with his wife, Celia Birtwell) he was the most influential English designer until the arrival of Vivienne Westwood and it has been the leading exponent of the fashion of that time, and as there is much to say about him, I reserve a post and tell you every other day. To know that you don’t live, was stabbed (fifty and peak times) by her boyfriend to death and his signature has been recently relaunched by others.

The Look of The Week June 2228 Anne Hathaway 3