The Creepshow – Canada’s Finest Psychobilly

The Canadian band “the Creepshow” has earned a loyal following in the meantime at least in the psychobilly scene – and even beyond the country’s borders. Only with the last album “life after death” the four men and one woman proved that line-up change can have on anything their energetic blend of Rockabilly, punk and surf bonds. On the contrary, for many a fan sounds as fresh as no longer Canada’s Vorzeigepsychobillykombo.

The Creepshow - Canada's Finest Psychobilly

The Beginnings Of The Creepshow

Almost ten years the Creepshow is old and in that time a lot has happened. But let’s start from the beginning. 2005 founded the band in Ontario. At that time, it consists of four members: singer and guitarist Hellcat alias Jackson Blackwood, double bassist sick BOI alias Sean McNab, keyboardist Reverend McGinty aka Kristian Rowles and drummer Matt pomade, the middle-class living on the less spectacular name of Matt Gee sounds.From the outset, the musical direction is clear. “Hellbilly” calls the band itself their punk-rockabilly mixture, the rest of the world speaks of psychobilly.

To fit the lyrics of the Creepshow, dealing especially with horror movies in classical psychobilly-style. Song titles such as “grave diggers”, “Creatures Of The Night” or even “zombies ate her brain” speak a clear language. This impresses the Creepshow on her critically acclaimed debut “Sell Your Soul” with gas pedal depressed by not only, but also with lots of melody and Boogiepiano. Right swing allowed in between. This versatility is perhaps the reason that is the band also outside Canada quickly earned a wide following.

The Creepshow - Canada's Finest Psychobilly 1

The Front Women Of The Band

Among the strengths of the Creepshow from the beginning a strong front woman.Actually there are several front women, because founding member Hellcat gets out in 2007 due to pregnancy out of the band. This takes your sister Sarah sin (Sarah Blackwood) for microphone and guitar and remains thought, although originally only as an interim measure, until 2012 when the Creepshow. However, the Creepshow is not the only band in the Sarah Blackwood in the spotlight. stands. There are still “walk off the Earth”, crossing pounding (indie) pop with banjo and ukulele, and with the cover of Gotyas “somebody that I used to know” 2012 a real YouTube hit land. After this success, also Sarah Blackwood leaves their psychobilly band.
But the Creepshow were not the Creepshow, if they do not soon again had a new singer that is at least as compelling as its predecessor (how do the guys do this…?). The newcomer is called Kendalyn Legaspi and is simply called “Kenda”. This is not the only change at the Canadian psychobilly troupe. Also drummer Matt’s pomade. Sandro Sanchioni takes over for him. Also increases the Cologne Daniel Flamm, of the Creepshow long years in the band a tour guitarist has supported, as a set.

The Creepshow - Canada's Finest Psychobilly 2

“Life After Death”-Sagging Does Not Apply

Some other bands would be exhausted after so much back and forth. Not so “the Creepshow”. Who had the fear that Canadians now belong to the scrapheap of psychobilly, may be reassured. “Life after death” sounds like in second to None sit down and rest. Instead, even the opener “See You In Hell” has not only catchy qualities, but also a regular forward. Here, Kenda proves that she is much more than a “substitute” as well as in the single “Sinners and Saints”.
There are also the following high quality, good mood and some genuine highlights. To the latter belong the casual swinging “the Devil’s son”, “settle score” and “Last call”, which ensures variety with horns and keyboardist McGinty of the lead vocals. While each sound of “life after death” in a pleasant way to rock ´ n ´ roll and party – fresh, rested and playful.There are more in there at least another ten years.

The Creepshow - Canada's Finest Psychobilly 3