The Cowboys Always Fashionable

Jeans fashion It is constant and why there are so many proposals, practically we renew them all seasons and why we like to see new bets. And is that the jeans jeans, all a basic in our closet.

This time I speak of the French firm Le Temps des Cerises, master at work denim, which has created for this season Autumn-winter 2009 / 2010 a collection of jeans where the vintage spirit is present in each of them.

The Cowboys Always Fashionable 1

A retro look with good finishes that are perfect this season by presenting new cuts as the boyfriend: three denim fabrics, skinny worn with used effect and the elephant foot, very 70’s are with high-waisted with shirts or blouses of pictures.

Returns the fashion of the wide-leg jeans and flared that they Stylize to the more petite. Anyway, if you want to get ahead and be the first to wear baggy jeans, sign up for these models.

The Cowboys Always Fashionable 2

Continue the Skinny, that initially they were going to get lost, but, although there is less variety, will not continue, and luckily because I love them. and they can be adapted to your shoes, boots, heels, we will.

Vintage of this signature spirit is evident in all models. And aging in all designs is a constant.

Shorts is another of garments that cannot fatar in the closet. In winter with thick stockings, it is fantastic. It is true that not all can be them, but I invite you to show off legs.

The Cowboys Always Fashionable 3

Garment Basic, jeans are always fashionable. You just have to know how to choose the best feel you and… to succeed!