The Bag of Your Grandmother Can Be Reached a Worth Thousands of Euros, You Know How It Is Listed The Vintage?

In mid-September we published a post announcing that after the controversy raised by the video made at a crocodile farm, which supplied skins to Hermes, Jane Birkin It had threatened to prevent that brand managers continue to call with his surname he, probably, on merit, its cult model.

At Hermes head hands they should take, and decided to meet with the singer and his lawyers to reach an agreement that was satisfactory to both parties. So that after having put in place a rigorous program of control and audit with regard to all its suppliers of furs that supplemental inspections are regularly carried out in this type of farm, Jane Birkin was satisfied.

I guess that’s through there will be also mediated a substantial check. Something which, on the other hand, seems logical to me, as normal is that the big brands of the world of luxury and fashion to pay models, actresses, singers and celebrities several when they lend their faces and their names for the promotion of an object that is born with the vocation of becoming in a object of desire.

Documenting me a little about the subject, I found out that Jane Birkin came to have 4 Birkin bags Hermes received “gracieusement” (as often say the French, to say that they give it to you). In honor of the truth, it must be said that the singer broke three, donating them to make them auctioned to raise funds for various foundations and NGOs.

Invest to leave in heritage

However, the latter – which actually was the first who gave him-, retains it to leave it in inheritance to his daughter the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg or her granddaughter Alice. At this point I don’t think I missed anyone that say that you can leave a bag of inheritance.

The Bag of Your Grandmother Can Be Reached a Worth Thousands of Euros, You Know How It Is Listed The Vintage 1

Moreover, one of the most recurrent arguments of the selling of luxury brands is to convince clients that when real fortunes in a Couture garment, in a bags or a pair of shoes, wear what they are doing is actually invest, because as fashion is cyclical, sure that when their daughters are growing they may look it acquired and boast of owning a vintage piece, that could very well belong to a collector or Museum.

In fashion, there is a mechanism According to which experts claim that fashion spreads from one kind to another, because all class imitates the immediately superior. Fashion therefore facilitates both integration and differentiation. We like to follow trends because that helps us to identify ourselves with people who are on our same level or at a higher level.

However, the fight between imitation and distinction is which requires increasingly faster when it comes to differentiate changes (what wonder it but to Zara that renew their shops with new collections every 15 days). People like to the more affluent and capricious renew your wardrobe. As the saying says it: Renew or die! So that saved some clothes or accessories that, in all probability, not only not to depreciate, but that over time, eventually which need get rid of the “old” so you can continue entering new. What we would give to any of us to be able to enjoy a large dressing room, right?

Fifteen years, Artcurial It organizes every year (at the end of October), an auction that has come to become one appointment not to be missed for many collectors and connaisseurs, who came from all parts of the world, to protect a part of the collective memory that is linked to a great tradition that has much to do with the work done by master craftsmen. The sale of large firms vintage handbags is a plunge into full-blown in a luxurious and unique universe, a sort of journey through time.

That leaves the old so that the new!

That should not surprise us if it is becoming more common to find us with fashionistas who have opted for rent your handbags in order to change, or even decide sell them no longer use to be able to own the new trends. It just arrived in Madrid in England and in other countries franchise consisting of sell, buy or exchange of luxury goods and fashion accessories, more than 30 major brands, whose stock continues to be renewed at any time at the flagship opened in calle Lagasca in Madrid.

Factors that influence price of a vintage: brand, model, age, status, skin, color and, most importantly of all, the demand

There you can leave on deposit all those accessories that are no longer used until they are sold. In return Gets a coupon exchange that can be redeem for any other an item that is in the store at prices competitive sea. The oddest thing is that among their most common clients can boast of sharing the VIP clients of the major brands, which are usually found with known whenever they come to get rid of a bag of a couple of years, where maybe they paid more than 1,800 euros, and by which they receive 400 or 500 euros which are bagged the sea of satisfied. Total, to have it cornered occupying space in the closet!!

The Bag of Your Grandmother Can Be Reached a Worth Thousands of Euros, You Know How It Is Listed The Vintage 2

Designer Exchange

I have been in touch with Nikki Smith – of Designer Exchange in Spain, which is how this franchise – is called, so we explain How is priced vintage.

“Our purchase margins are competitive and” They vary according to demand item. We strive to always be absolutely clear with our purchase margins, so we do know our customers our selling price when we bought them their article”.

“All of our bags are verified by our experts, you are in our stores, ensuring that all our items are authentic. This is why we need two days before to extend a certification of authenticity. Therefore, we offer reliability. We keep up-to-date with prices to ensure that We are the most competitive, both purchase and sale”.

“We have items for all tastes, from a Gucci vintage of 100,00 euros up to a 30,000 euro Crocodile Birkin.” Unlike other shops that offer stay with bags on deposit until they are sold, us We buy the item when certify us it, paying in cash or through a voucher of Exchange (with a margin of more than if you pay in cash), that can be used to redeem it for any other items you see in our store”.

How do items priced?

“We offer a price based on factors that include, but are not limited to original price of sale in store, brand, model, age, State of the bag, material that has been manufactured, color and, most important of all, the demand. Headset articles difficult to obtain because already not the brand sells them consider collector items so the price is above what it was when sold in the boutique. For example, the birkin crocodile in a particular color as blue denim”.

“The most important thing is always seek a balance. A bag that is sold from one day to another means that it has been priced very low. It is normal that a bag, if it is properly assessed, is sold in 90 days. There are bags in Edition limited or very specific that they are more difficult to sell because they are rare (scarce) and respond to a very individualistic taste. For example, right now we have a Louis Vuitton Monogram decorated with lace that probably cost us more sell”.

Are there any discounts?

“No, because our prices are already set, and are closed by an amount fixed by the experts who price them.” All the bags we sell have a 12 month warranty. “If within 28 days from the date of purchase is a fault in the bag, we promise to fix it, and if we cannot, we back your purchase with a voucher amount”.

What is that of the wishlist?

“Thanks to the wishlist service you can point model of the bag that you would like to buy, and at the time in which any of its stores receive the item put in contact with you”.

Could you get some real examples?

“So that your readers can make a more rough idea of articles that currently are on sale in our boutique, I can mention a” YSL bag that store slope 1.900,00 EUR and we sell it for 1.200,00 euros. The bag was a client who had just put it once. Brought it with its cover, its box and up to the invoice which did to buy it. Is second hand because she was the first to buy it, but it is a bag that is absolutely impeccable”.

The Bag of Your Grandmother Can Be Reached a Worth Thousands of Euros, You Know How It Is Listed The Vintage 3

“We also have a” Valentino bought in Puerto Banus in Marbella boutique which cost 1.750,00 EUR, and we sell it by 1.125,00 EUR; and a portfolio Louboutin in a beautiful iridescent blue which costs 900,00 euros, and we sell it for 450.00 euros. The Louis Vuitton can be own by 400.00-500.00 euros”.

So you know, if you like the vintage bags, covenced to yours grandmother to let you take a look in her wardrobe because surprises gives you life!