Sweet Autumn with American Vintage

If you seek to flee the Baroque complex structures, innovative fabrics, psychedelic prints, the claim and sometimes discomfort, there is a oxygen and free space called American Vintage.

Sweet Autumn with American Vintage 1

Your lookbook brings the classic fall and female point, but only because items loose, somewhat oversized, have been favorite sweet for a few years of women. It’s time to feel wrapped up by warm garments that cover the entire body and leave that you move with intelligence for heating indoor and outdoor cold days.

Sweet Autumn with American Vintage 2

Cardigans, sweaters and pants guided by our perch and gravity, crumpling with the courtesy of the wool or cotton. The result is art, Bohemian, easy, also a little sports and always sweet.

The color palette used in this collection of essentials is definitive when it comes to capture the autumnal spirit: garnets, petroleum, grey, ochre… and what a good idea the place them on the white walls of a loft used as Studio.

Sweet Autumn with American Vintage 3