Summer Essentials: Our Top 6 Jeans Jackets Models!

We can still don’t really believe it, but actually seems the summer here in Berlin slowly but surely to spin a: Sun pure, mild temperatures, pretty relaxed faces, full Cafes and parking time into the late hours. The thumbs are pressed, that now also finally a little stops and is not only of short duration. One that we have learned in the past few weeks: got always a jacket, because temperatures in the amount by which the shadow knew yet nothing cheat the gentle rays of the Sun. Saying: we have frozen from us regularly your bottom, because we were indoors quite convinced that it is outside summery warm. They’re wrong. And promptly came the thick cold around the corner.

So what helps as best, can out be rummaged every year without any problems and actually fits all? Exactly: the good old denim jacket. That comes as her brother in the guise of pants of course, in a wide variety of models and we you our top 6 once collected!

#1 the Favorites (and the expensive):

Summer Essentials Our Top 6 Jeans Jackets Models! 1

  • Almost a classic: Surface to Air for around 200 euros.
  • Because points always go: House of Holland for 245 euros.
  • The slightly different denim jacket: From closed for 249 euro.

#2 the alltime Favorites

  • There’s nothing over a Levi’s vintage model, or? For 75 Euro.
  • It’s mainly white this summer! The right model delivers Cheap Monday for 69 euros.
  • Always usefull: A nearly Black model for 75 Euro.

#3 the more unusual:

  • A denim jacket must be not always classic. MONKI has the oversized version. For 55 euro.
  • Looking for a denim parka? You will find it at ASOS . 63 euros.
  • Also oversized: The jacket by Ragwear for 90 euro.

Summer Essentials Our Top 6 Jeans Jackets Models! 2

#4 the detailed

  • A Jean jacket is not merely a denim jacket: Wood wood, this remains our favorite. For 240 euro.
  • Maison Scotch has slipped recently in our hearts and may of course, here. How about the model for 160 euro?
  • Pull & bear we actually never got on the screen – this model has done but it us. How does it look for you?

#5 the light:

  • By H & M for 40 euros.
  • By our site
  • From Current/Elliot for 360 euro.

#6 the classics:

  • And since it cannot be missed of course Levi: about Zalando for 70 euro.
  • From our site for 48 pounds.
  • By Wrangler for 100 euros.

Summer Essentials Our Top 6 Jeans Jackets Models! 3