Spring Essentials #9: Uncomplicated Alltime Favorites

However, it is so: each time just before the season we determine in a panic that we once again have nothing in the closet and the perfect favorite outfit or the reliable combination is simply nowhere to be found. This is of course complete Balderdash, we know honestly of course exactly, and yet frustration creeps in regularly.

What should I wear only, when the sun comes out now? And what have I worn at all last summer? The alleged lapses of memory are most likely due to only a purchase justification and so we want to go now peu a peu. Alltime Favorites are and then sense of us, as you now know, really. Therefore, the motto is old rummage out basics, or invest in new. We start but finally!

Long time idolatrous loved and then deep in the shoe rack provided: the Chuck. Nike and I miss us now but again so much for the uncomplicated representatives will soon once again invest in new. Because the purpose is ranzten things of yesteryear may now be different against clean models.

  • My favorite: The Navy-Blue!

I found him: the perfect red lipstick. Matt, long-lasting and classic. May the one or the other much too dry, therefore before try.

  • MAC pad – Ruby Woo

Hach, tree + horse garden, I got my heart on you a little bit lost. This jacket’s it. A favorite piece so to speak. The price makes a dash through the Bill me however. And yet. I love to look at you!

  • Silk Jacket by tree + horse garden for 359 euro

Lacoste love is fully kindled at the latest since the Image Video and I got slammed quite headless directly.

  • White Men Polo – in two or three numbers too big!

It’s summer and what cannot be missed: the jeans shorts. Perfect model made, tried and found to be very convenient.

  • The Levi’s vintage model – goes right across the Po and winding up hem cut off to wear a few times!