Spring Essentials #8: the Oversized Blazer

Long time I have made a wide arc around Blazer and co. – Office things the I at my uni time then when had to wear and which always somehow disguised looked at me. After a really big high, she came to the teen time so: the classic saturation.

Spring Essentials #8 the Oversized Blazer 1

Maybe it’s because, maneuvers that I’m urgently looking for an Winter jackets alternative or but my recently discovered Two-parter love, but the Blazer has back on my screen. Not the classic unobtrusive may now for spring it, but the long cut oversize model – better known as: boyfriend Blazer or Tuxedo Blazer.

Spring Essentials #8 the Oversized Blazer 2

The phenomenon is not new of course: already as the boyfriend jeans a few years their Piek reached, we saw everywhere oversized Blazer and last but not least in the 80s and 90s like with shoulder pads, she appeared everywhere. Now it’s so again and may be – get like in a number greater than at the vintage store or of course at the current offices elsewhere.

Spring Essentials #8 the Oversized Blazer 3

My newest model comes in Navy and is equipped with gold buttons – recently arisen in the ‘made in Berlin’ on the new Schonhauser Street in Center.

And now, your potential points of contact, which we tracked down for you.