Sigg Water Bottles


Sigg water bottle you can use the amount of closures.

In addition to the closure, which is according to the type of bottle comes complete with bottles, you can choose another caps according to your needs.

Sigg Water Bottles3

Sigg bottles currently have two types of neck:

And the bottle) classic narrow neck

(B)) bottle with wide neck WMB (Wide Mouth Bottle)

Sigg Water Bottles

For the bottle with a narrow neck, you can use:

Screw Top, Top, Top Retro KBT (kids) ABT Top (sports), 3 Stage Top (cycling).

Wide-mouthed Bottles are supplied:

And) with NAT (New Active Top) Cap

Sigg Water Bottles2

NAT CAP is screwed in on the wide neck bottles.

(B)) with 3 Stage Top (cycling CAP) or Screw Top (screw cap)

In that case, have the bottle to the neck of the first black reducer ring which has its ownthe seal, and the top has the same diameter as the narrow neck of the bottle with a narrow neck, i.e. on this reducing ring can be used by all types of closures such as for bottles with a narrow neck.

Sigg Water Bottles1

If your bottle with a wide opening to buy the CAP NAT, apply it to a of course without reducing ring. Note in this case, i choose the suitable straw by volume of your cylinder (sold separately).

Let’s now all caps in detail present.

NAT (New Active Top) Cap   

Non-flowing closure with a straw (E), which is suitable for children and athletes. Thanks to the straw is when you drink a bottle must be leaning.

The CAP can be completely disassembled.

Drinking fountain (D) is of a high quality silicone and is flexible. Caution, is not fitted with a full CAP, only transport plastic výliskem, which cannot be ordered as a spare part.

For safety reasons (disassembly of closure into smaller parts) the manufacturer recommends Cap for children from four years.

This CAP has four positions, which is selected by turning the drinking fountains.

Close-close drinking fountains.

Air-used for the forgiveness of the overpressure for carbonated beverages.

Open-site to drink. When you rotate the bottle or CAP is off in this position.

Clean-in this position the CAP can be completely disassembled for thorough cleaning.

Kids Bottle Top (kids)

Simple and practical, that is popular with children but also in adults.

Drinking fountain is protected by a CAP that is tightly nacvaknutý to the drinking fountain, so just do not get lost. But can be easily replaced with a new one.

Drinking fountain has two positions (fig. 1-open/closed), which is selected by turning the white part from left to to the right.

In the closed position well drinking fountain seal.

The CAP can be taken apart for easy cleanup (fig. 2). The top White portion of the drinking fountains will disclose to you by flipping the location even further.

In our experience with this simple CAP will teach kids about well control from 1.5 -2 years of age, the tightening of the closure to the closed position does not need to develop force (the only brand new CAP can rotate a bit stiff).

Active Bottle Top (active)

The retro water bottles have a protective hat and drinking fountain, which relaxes and closes by turning it (fig. 1).

The protective cap is just like kid’s Cap firmly nacvaknutý to pítku and is the share exchange.

For the release of the passage of fluids in addition to drinking drinking fountain must push the lips (fig. 2), therefore, does not flow even unsecured position.

The CAP is easy to handle and with a wider flow than the CAP is suitable for a child for active sportspeople.

It is possible to disassemble the whole CAP for a thorough cleaning (fig. 3).

Spring is inserted inside the CAP, we recommend to clean the CAP to lose). It can of course be bought as a spare part.

3 Stage top cap (cycling)

Simple Capless CAP, which opens povytažením drinking fountains.

Dissected by pulling the Center section

Screw Top + Retro Top

Screw caps (Screw and Retro Top) are simple practical closures with hanging hanger,that you will appreciate, if you wear a bottle for example on a backpack.

Seal, easy to maintain and are of universal use.