Shopping Tips for Copenhagen

My short trip to Copenhagen was so spontaneous that I have made previously of course time to even worry about me, where my feet will carry me. Best: See everything, all experience and above all everything. That it resembled the impossibility, was clear shortly after arriving.

Aimlessness must also be punished, and so it is a thousand detours to get it up to the target. And my loved ones, that argument would be so much more of the city see, isn’t moving, because felt I walked never so much in my life. I did my best to find as many shops for you out, but certainly is for the an or something missing others.
I’ve almost entirely neglected in particular the vintage stores because my head was no longer prepared to the Kruschen, yet my legs were willing to use day 3 also for shopping. In addition, a city has to offer something more than only shops which had to be discovered.

At this point I would ask so the Copenhagen Insider and lovers of the Scandinavian style, to announce important hotspots still so that I can enter it in our small shopping-map. For the fact is along here . For the visual impressions, please simply

Shopping Tips for Copenhagen 1

Short info: take with a well-filled wallet, otherwise it is not a lot in Copenhagen. Expensive is almost an understatement and so you pay 5 euros for the train journey times like to, while the Café is latte with around 6.50 euros. Clothing it looks so similar to – almost excluding everything is more expensive.

For this, one finds a madness range of labels, a beautiful city like in the picture book and great goodies at almost every corner – from delicious Smørrebrød, of hot dogs at any free place up to irresistible luggage particles in cute little bakeries. We wait so once again on our favorite cash cow and will come back dearest Copenhagen. And then with beach, an extensive shopping tour and a long, decadent dinner.

Samsoe & Samsoe is a concept store that made my heart beat faster immediately. Mini market joins to Won Hundred selected pieces by Fifth Avenue shoe repair Envii and our favorite happy socks to the truly great brand. I’m excited and still grateful for the tip, dear J. Fortunately, there is also an Online Store, you should necessarily even browse!

In addition to the equity line, there are also selected pieces of Stine Goya, opening ceremony and other renowned designers with our beloved Danes Henrik Vibskov. Denmark’s star designer, the Danes love unconditionally, can be found here:

Also this Dane has your own Online Store, we should keep something in mind. Since 1999, the designer duo is on the way and was the first Danish brand at a fashion show in Paris. Elegant and yet very relaxed, for the ladies and the gentlemen and always: the distinctive Scandinavian style.

Shopping Tips for Copenhagen 2

Several shops of Wood Wood cavort just opposite of the love Henrik Vibskov. It promises: wonderful selection. Not only the Wood Wood collection will you please, but also the other selected Scandinavians, who have found a nice place. Women and men – come on in.

Another Nue can be found right next to Wood Wood. In addition to Acne brand, Givenchy, Marc finds their selected pieces of J by current Elliot, Marc Jacobs, 3.1 Phillip Lim and. Even if the purse was too small for these names, looking around was still more than irritating. Because not only that the shop really lovingly and at home was established, also the sellers simply really like to help!

That is also very generous Swedish brand Tiger of Sweden. Elegant collection pieces with Scandinavian flair meet modern interior in the shop. Enter with you into the beautiful, large shop.

Small but fine, we find next to Tiger of Sweden of all our favorite of Sweden: acne. Similar to uberschaulich in Berlin, we have also this store. And he was still chock full. That the mood is a little deceptive, lets the special pieces of Sweden still glitter.

We find the label to the designer Filippa Knutsson in Denmark’s capital. Again who desire high-quality pieces, the between classic and modern zeitgeist. Simple pieces remain timeless in Filippa K and wearable forever. Please get there with you:

Shopping Tips for Copenhagen 3

Urban Outfitters is so huge, that the visit may take really hours in Copenhagen. Differently than in Hamburg line the man Department and the accessories can be found on the ground floor. A few stairs to heaven are happy then finally all ladies! A visit to Copenhagen is so almost compulsory program on a trip. You pick one of the three inputs, but we suggest it for orientation:

How long we here still have to wait in Germany, top shop is finally with us, is beyond me and not to explain the absence of also. The Danes can consider still lucky, because they have our favourite Englishman: our site. What to tell you there’s more. Check out or continue as we rely on the Online Store!

Yes, rarely you get around drum. Where MONKI is still a minor sensation at this point for Berlin girls, because still we look enviously at Hamburg and Essen, to may is already fortunate to house the favourite Sweden. Copenhagen has him also and therefore was of course just over looked.

But also an another Swede drives around in Copenhagen, to enumerate even H & M, but all branches, outside the scope of, and don’t worry, you can find the store without my help. The speech is of course by.

Also weekday is – always worth a visit and the Copenhagen troupe agrees: somehow, there are other things than ours. Therefore: Look!

The label is there even with an own store: the 400 sqm store holds trousers for men and women, is a single denim Paradis and even 2009 awarded to the Shop of the Year .

Here on our maps shopping will find everything at a glance map. And notices if above all your favorite vintage stores, then give yet what this is!