Scholl Footwear Created ‘ Ne App – and We Are Giving away an iPhone and Scholl Shoes

Edit: We have drawn! Is the winner of the iPhone and Scholl shoes: D! Heartiest congratulations from the Jane’s. Our small consolation prize goes to Claudia. Two got already a mail from us! To all: Favourite thanks for join! Your comments were all grobartigst! Merci, merci!

Wood-heeled shoes are once again very sought after this year: no matter whether clogs, wedges with a wooden look or flat shoes with wooden soles – at the moment you cannot get past definitely it. A feeling how barefoot while still pretty to look at and to boot orthopedically correct – that provides a label that in this country certainly everyone knows: Scholl. Yes, the good Dr. Scholl knew around 100 years ago that wooden shoes would be an absolute hit and why should you hold not even today?

Traditionally as even then, but just with the modern breath today: Scholl Footwear sets the classics again, and so is BB´s both the Pescura mules, with which the company was then internationally successful, as well as the now cult of that clogs with the gold buckle new to the vintage look.

Scholl Footwear Created ' Ne App - and We Are Giving away an iPhone and Scholl Shoes 1

Times usual heel, sometimes quite flat and comfortable clean hatching and once again with straps or completely closed in gaudy and tender tones and in soft suede. Perfect long Maxi dresses or jeans to chinos or the mini skirt. We love them long time ago whether their comfort and their design. How does it look for you?

Still not convinced? You can now namely mobile and for the entire collection on the go discover: Scholl has launched its latest iPhone app for a few days and we want no longer available to you:

You can watch all collection pieces, details until it maximum zoom in, find out in just a few clicks, where the nearest man is and where you can pick up your favorite model in the right size. Via Google maps, the app quickly reveals to you the way and nothing in the way can stand the shoe purchase!

Why we that as much detail introduce you? Because we of course get to enjoy this app to try out.

Scholl Footwear Created ' Ne App - and We Are Giving away an iPhone and Scholl Shoes 2

You have at all no iPhone? No problem, we’re giving away together with Scholl is a pretty model in the latest look: an iPhone in white! And because it is so badly let go so that, you can find out even a fancy model from the current summer collection.

How it works? You will simply Jane Wayne fan page on Facebook and tell us what you would wear your desire and Scholl shoes and which model in which size should be your own.

Either leave a comment here or on Facebook and post (please no separate wall posts write, otherwise we are still and the whole Board is full. You do not want we don’t!). *

Also the Scholl fanpage about new friends would be as little support. So click, click, and comment and maybe already a great iPhone flutters next week along with pretty few Scholl shoes in your home – will be drawn namely on Sunday!

As a small consolation prize we are giving away a few Scholl shoes of your choice – also so, join should now really worth!

Scholl Footwear Created ' Ne App - and We Are Giving away an iPhone and Scholl Shoes 3

Sponsored by Scholl Footwear.

* The legal action is excluded. All prices were provided us free of charge and can be not paid cash.