Rock 70’s, a Lot of Story to Tell.

For those who like music, this post will be very cool. But for those who like to Rock the 70’s will be excellent. Enjoy Rock? I like a good eclectic taste of everything. Will according to the moment.

Our generation has the right to feel the lack of good old Rock and Roll. After all the exponents of today are our age.

This is quality.

The rock has various styles and a huge legion of fans. It is one of the rhythms that have always been very much appreciated by all. Regardless of age. So put here as much information as possible about the Rock Years 70

Rock 70’s, a Lot of Story to Tell. 1

Rock 70’s: the Beginning

Many may not believe it, but it was the black slaves that gave rise to the rock.

More specifically the blacks who were brought from Africa to the United States.

When they worked, they had the custom of singing, especially songs sad and melancholic, and thus came the Blues.

Received this name, because the people who had the black skin they were known as Blue at that time. The singing was focused on the vocal with the accompaniment basic of the guitar.

The 70s: the decade of change

The 70’s were, to the rock, a time quite busy and quite moving also.

It was at this time that began to arise different musical styles of rock and it was at this time that the Beatles came to an end.

As well as it was the time that the king of rock, Elvis Presley has left us. But not everything was sorrow.

Also began to rock more commercial, pleasing the youth that began in the arts of Rock and Roll.

The Kiss brought a footprint extremely “marketer” to the rock, putting together choreography, make-up and very sound. We will talk about them later, ok?

Elton John also followed this idea of Kiss, but the rock it was more progressive and not metal, neither the band played.

Already the Black Sabbath, which in 1970 recorded his first album, marked the beginning of hard rock roll the 70s (heavy rock).

They created probably the that would be the first album of heavy metal history.

Cool it!

With them was also the beginning of the wave of scandals involving drugs, and the lyrics satanic.

Sinister! Let’s see how they began.

Rock 70’s, a Lot of Story to Tell. 2

Band Black Sabbath

The beginning of the band was in 1966 in the city of Birmingham, England.

The guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Willian, saw an ad in a shop for a singer who was looking for musicians to assemble a band.

The singer was Ozzy Orsborne who happened to have studied in the same school as Black sabbath. They were joined by two other guitarists, Terence “Geezer” Butler, and Jimmy Phillips.

Later, Clarke and Phillips out of the group and the rest of the members decided to change the name to Earth. That changed later because there was already another band with this name. It is said that:

As for the choice of the name later came to the idea of Butler, a big fan of the novels of “black magic” and “terror” from authors such as Dennis Wheatley.

Butler had seen the horror film, Italian director Mario Bava, I Tre Volti Della Paura (The Three Masks of Terror) 1963, but displayed with the name Black Sabbath in England and the United States, and wrote a song that incorporates the title of the film.

This became the new name of the group. What a story!

The new name is accompanied by a transition to a new sound for the blues. In the first place with elements of folk, and then with increasingly strong and dark tones until a new solution for which the group became famous and would have been numbered for many critics, as the main pioneers of heavy metal.

The first record that the band signed was with Fontana Records and later, with the Vertigo. On the 13th of February 1970, was published the debut album of the band, entitled simply Black Sabbath.

But not only were they that sparkled in the universe of Rock. Another band that also drew the crowds was the Kiss.

Rock 70’s, a Lot of Story to Tell. 3

Faces and mouths of Kiss

Kiss is a hard rock band from United States, formed in New York in 1973.

Known worldwide for their makeup, and their concerts very elaborate which include guitars esfumaçastes, spitting fire and blood, pirotecnias and much more.

The Kiss has received 24 gold discs. Since its formation it has sold over 100 million albums.

They caused one of the biggest impacts to cultural 1970s, drawing on clothes, and, above all, makeup has never seen before, that would mark the history of music.

Its two founders are Gene Simmons (bass and vocals) and Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar and vocals), who were frustrated with the end of a band that they formed, called Wicked Lester, deciding, thus, seek new members for a new band.

Found such members through newspaper ad – Ace Frehley (solo guitar and vocal), and, by Rolling Stone magazine, Peter Criss (drums evocal).

Well the old fashion. Is not?

Any way it is impossible to stay indifferent to them. Whether for the stage presence, the costumes, or the great quality of the sound.

What more can we say about the Rock the 70’s?

This era was also a time of transition in the artistic part of the rock. Artists began to create songs more elaborate and more lyrically difficult, pleasing enough to the older generation of rockers.

In contrast with the bands to more elaborate also arose a movement of garage bands. People joined by the love of music and that does not necessarily have any gift for her.

But the do it yourself (do it yourself) has made the world knew one of the bands of the style, the Ramones.

I know what you’re thinking, why in just a decade so much has happened? Is not?

But the truth is, every industry goes through an evolution very strong during one period, and in the 70s the rock was the chosen one.

And the best part is that the rock of years 70 was part of the history of our generation. And by their rebellion, and quality musicians of the era continue to be highly respected.

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