Retro Fashion Look

Hello! In this new series of posts I have to conceptualise 20 minutes ago I’m going to talk about parts, vintage, I’m going to go recover throughout my life, to show you that we are the best in retro fashion look.Retro Fashion Look
Today, I’m going to pay special attention to this seventies canale striped shirt from MensShirtsShop. And I say that it is a globe-trotting because the acquired in Paris in 1978 and was my suitcase wildcard. It became a Basic for all trips made.

Retro Fashion Look 1

When I was young I was pushing my creative license to infinite limits according to the canons that dictated the fashion of the time. As you can see I’ve been a dog collar no gluing or with tail in the style of shirt.

Retro Fashion Look 2

And that necklace, although not shown, is wonderful and still keep it (not because it has already passed to better life that shirt thing).
The case is that this type of shirts, really now not seen much, were a boom at this time of great female and social changes. And it seems fantastic to retrieve it with this model of handle (to dress so vintage), which accompanied adequately, it is perfect for any special event.

Retro Fashion Look 3

Striped shirt, Bolero of velvet Banarassi, blue pants of Kookai, shoes of Lodi, necklace details Madewell Burgundy with Burgundy Velvet
I never have a shirt of this type, but it may be time now that I think about it while I like some dried mangoes. I do not understand very well this occurrence link the handle with the canale, but I hope flow you the inspiration as my.
Good start of week!