Red Carpet Awards Marie Claire Prix De Fashion

Last night was celebrated in Madrid one of the holidays with more Spanish calendar cache: Awards Marie Claire Prix of la Moda. An event that every year and its Director, Joana Bonet, hand gets a greater number of designers, photographers, models and fashion industry professionals gather several per square meter.

A convening power not inconsiderable that comes backed by the prestige of a few awards that are increasingly more weight.

And although we were not invited and from here I call for the coming year, it is entirely impossible to overlook in an event so.

I want the shoes of! Vicky Martín Berrocal Anyway! By the way, was incredible with his black sequined dress.

But for spectacular footwear to the maximum, laced shoes of Amaia Montero. That although two larger sizes, were impressive. And like the glitter of Vicky, are of Louboutin (very similar to which Victoria Beckham gets to go to basketball).

Red Carpet Awards Marie Claire Prix De Fashion 1

And they fit perfectly with your sexy look.

That Yes, for sexy in black: Teresa Baca.

With so much celebrity per square meter, it is impossible to know where to start… but I start by one that I most liked: Laura Sanchez. Obviously of Teresa Helbig, a designer 10 made in Spain.

Followed by a woman who is prettier: Judit Mascó. With a wrap of velvet dress-gold satin shawl with green water, of Cortana.

It was perfect as always Ariadne Artiles.

And spectacular with a sapphire blue gown: Lily Donaldson. Of Gucci, with shoes Yves Saint Laurent and vintage jewelry

Nothing to do with the discretion of Helena Christensen. Of Balenciaga.

Impressively elegant was Amparo Bonmatí. One of the usual Cibeles and em will dare to say that almost the best of the evening.

Red Carpet Awards Marie Claire Prix De Fashion 2

I don’t know why but I like how it would Cayetana Guillén Cuervo. And that was the style of the House on the Prairie.

One of the most daring overnight, was a nearly unrecognizable Verónica Echegui. With an air very Leighton Meester (reminds me a bit to last the MET gala Leighton) by the hand of his mono harem. Of Ailanto Spring-summer 2010.

Angelic and delicate as ever, Leticia Dolera of Cortana.

What I say your jewel clutch?

Punk lolita was the extremely beautiful Martina Klein. With a length of Valentino, booties peep toe Gucci and Roger Vivier clucth.

Of Dior, Nieves Alvarez.

Red Carpet Awards Marie Claire Prix De Fashion 3

And super romantic and delicate, Vanessa Lorenzo.