Recap: #moschinolovesdisaronno -30 Happy < 3

A pretty posh Villa in Berlin-Mitte, iconic, gilded letters, which from the ceiling hang, provided a mirror maze, popcorn and cotton candy and liqueur Spezi Disaronno with red hearts – white Elizabeth, who last Friday with us at Villa celebrated what the speech is: Moschino loves Disaronno – or also: happy 30, Moschino!

We had told you in the invitation: Jessie from Journelles, which boys of dandy diary and we Janes were allowed for the Party on vintage hunting of the Italian brands go and make the collared darlings for a small installation together. Our result: Signature pockets (one with a bright red heart and one with the typical, gilded letters), a white jacket with gold buttons, a Blazer with cherry badges and a more than familiar Moschino belt from my private collection:

Recap #moschinolovesdisaronno -30 Happy 3 1

The round heart Pocket < 3 found at Townes on the line road.

For pretty snazzy events: The white Moschino jackets with gilded buttons – found at Isabel Gowdie on the old Schoenhauser.

Oh, what are you cute. Signature bag – get at Mons and fabs in Prenzlauer Berg.

This cherry had been just us. Also found at Isabel Gowdie.

Recap #moschinolovesdisaronno -30 Happy 3 2

About six years ago, I had to buy it on eBay. The Moschino wave just come back at regular intervals.

Reason of the party was primarily the limited edition MoschinolovesDisaronno bottle, which was covered with the typical red heart. A portion of the proceeds from this project to its charity partner donates DISARONNO “fashion 4 development” (sponsored by the United Nations), to support the development of this initiative. From November there to buy the bottle and liqueur contents then toured with SOTO in Berlin and Hayashi in Frankfurt.

And what did the other two? Look at her best at Journelles or the Dandies . There’s a sneak peek at the Gallery < 3

Recap #moschinolovesdisaronno -30 Happy 3 3