Printed Silk Blouses: Fashion Tips

The silk blouses are sensual, feminine and delicate and always refer to a universe of magic and seduction.  The fabric is very comfortable and soft and the fluid touch that confers for the production is associated with the great designers that always include pieces made in silk in their collections, mainly in spring and summer. The printed silk also has the great power to value the look of women and make it unique. Check out some tips on how to wear printed silk blouses on a day-to-day basis and learn how to best match the pieces with your wardrobe items.

Printed Silk Blouses Fashion Tips

Geometric, abstract and psychedelic prints create a very interesting vintage or retro look. In addition to bringing sensuality, this type of print brings the impression of a well composed and sophisticated look. Combine the pieces with darker and straight cut jeans. The high waistband also goes into the mood and if combined with a thick high heel shoe makes the wardrobe chic. Rings, pearl earrings or large necklaces with pendant are good choices to make it even more special.

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Romantic women with delicate and feminine features can bet on floral prints to convey an image of sweetness. The contemporary look can be combined with skirts, shorts, pants and shorts and the most interesting thing is that this kind of print on silk shirts can be considered a true joker, which can be combined with casual style of jeans and sneaker, casual skirt And high heels or even social with tailored trousers and high scarpin type shoes. For the accessories earrings rings or delicate and small pieces.

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Following the trend of fashion animal print, the visuals composed by prints mimicking the skin of animals such as snake, leopard and zebra are a real fever. The only drawback is that this type of print if used the wrong way can make the costumes totally cheap and vulgar. Avoid combining these parts with very short and short skirts or shorts, stockings and exaggeratedly high heels. Prefer jeans and no transparencies.

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